NAMM 2024 recap: All the biggest synth, studio, DJ and software releases

The 2024 Winter NAMM Show took place last week at the Anaheim Convention Center, with the biggest brands in music tech showing off new product releases. For those that missed it, here’s the lowdown.

NAMM 2024

Credit: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for NAMM

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Last week, hundreds of audio brands flocked to the Anaheim Convention Center in California to attend The NAMM Show 2024, one of the world’s biggest musical instrument and technology trade shows. And what a show it was! From 25-28 January, the makers of your favourite musical machines showed off their wicked and wacky creations, giving you plenty to gawp at.

As such, you – the musicians and producers these products are targeted at – may very well be prone to information fatigue in the wake of the sheer volume of product announcements. But that’s why we’re here.

We’re here to filter out the info you don’t need and bring you the biggest and most noteworthy product launches – and hottest rumours – that took place at this year’s NAMM show. Let’s take a look at NAMM 2024’s biggest moments.

Oeksound Bloom

Oeksound Bloom
Credit: Sam Willings/MusicTech

Finnish plugin company Oeksound has unveiled its latest product at NAMM 2024, which is described as an “adaptive tone shaper”.

Read more at MusicTech.

Steinberg IXO audio interfaces

Steinberg IXO Audio Interfaces — the IXO12 and IXO22
Steinberg IXO Audio Interfaces — the IXO12 and IXO22

Audio brand Steinberg has announced the IXO12 and IXO22 audio interfaces, along with the IXO Podcast Pack and IXO Recording Pack. The new series is designed for recording artists, podcasters and streamers.

Read more at MusicTech.

Mackie MobileMix

Mackie, firmly invested in creating portable audio gear that makes the lives of content creators and musicians much easier, unveiled the MobileMix at NAMM. It’s a compact eight-channel USB-powered mixer for A/V production, live sound and streaming. According to Mackie, it’s the “easiest way to get legendary Mackie sound on the go”.

Find out more at Mackie.

Waves SuperRack LiveBox + loads more

Waves Audio SuperRack LiveBox
Credit: Waves Audio

Waves unveiled a wealth of new items and updates in the form of both hardware and software at NAMM. We saw a new eMotion LV1 Live Mixer update, introducing compatibility with its new MixMirror app for full iOS tablet control. MixMirror allows remote plugin control and efficient mixing adjustments from any location within a venue. An update to Waves’s LV1 Live Mixer introduces pristine sound quality, up to 64 stereo channels, full plugin integration, and customisable workflows.

Most notably, though, Waves launched the Waves SuperRack LiveBox, a compact solution for running VST3 plugins from any brand with Dante®/MADI connectivity, ensuring seamless live production setups.

Find out more at Waves.

SSL 360 Link

Solid State Logic had a major presence at NAMM, introducing the SSL 360 Link plugin for the first time. This enables users to manage third-party plugins with SSL’s UF8, UF1, and UC1 controllers. The plugin includes pre-mapped templates from partners like Waves and UA, simplifying plugin control, and offers manual mapping for any VST plugin.

Find out more at SSL.

Suzuki Omnichord OM-108

Suzuki Omnichord OM-108
Credit: Suzuki

It finally happened! Suzuki officially launched the new Omnichord OM-108 – the first Omnichord model to be released in 26 years.

All the details at MusicTech.

PWM Mantis

PWM Mantis synthesizer
Credit: PWM

British synth maker PWM announced the launch of the Mantis, a duophonic hybrid-analogue keyboard synthesizer designed in collaboration with late synth pioneer Chris Huggett. According to PWM, the Mantis boasts a synth architecture inspired by the Huggett-designed Wasp and OSCar synths.

Read more via MusicTech. Find PWM at booth #10100 at NAMM Show.

Audiomovers Omnibus 3.0

Omnibus is a virtual patch bay software built by Audiomovers that makes routing multiple audio sources an easy task. With this latest version, which was on show at NAMM, Audiomovers introduces enhanced networking, UI, and audio routing. It supports NDI and AVB protocols for wireless communication between instances. Users can customise virtual device channels from 2 to 256. Engineers can select specific applications for audio capture and route as desired. The update also includes MIDI and Stream Deck support, UI enhancements like adjustable darkness levels, and a hot snapshot panel for easy recall.

Find out more at Audiomovers.

Steinberg WaveLab 12

Steinberg showed off WaveLab 12, the “biggest release for audio mastering”, at NAMM. It boasts nearly 80 new features and enhancements for audio mastering. ARA compatibility makes for apparently seamless integration with popular DAWs. Features include drag-and-drop audio exchange, automatic transient markers, loudness matching, and advanced visual analysis tools. Pricing is at $539/£425, with updates available from previous versions.

Find out more at Steinberg. You can also buy WaveLab 12 on Thomann.

Avid Pro Tools updates

Avid logo on a smartphone
Credit: Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Pro Tools received a slew of new improvements, including new MIDI effect plugin support and MIDI signal flow improvements, new Avid Note Stack, Velocity Control, Pitch Control, as well as Audiomodern Riffer 3, Modalics EON-Arp, and Pitch Innovations Groove Shaper MIDI effects plugins.

Read more via MusicTech.

AlphaTheta Wave-Eight

AlphaTheta Wave Eight speaker
Credit: AlphaTheta

Pioneer DJ’s owner AlphaTheta released the Wave-Eight portable wireless Bluetooth DJ speaker. It’s catered for DJs on the move, and acts as a good pairing DJ controllers thanks to its SonicLink technology, ensuring minimal audio delay. Its transmitter also enables instant wireless connection, convenient for DJ parties.

Read more via MusicTech

AlphaTheta Omnis-Duo

AlphaTheta Omnis-Duo
Credit: AlphaTheta

AlphaTheta, the parent company of Pioneer DJ, launched a portable all-in-one DJ controller called the Omnis Duo. It’s the first of two debut products under the Alpha Theta name.

Read more via MusicTech

Heritage Audio i73 PRO

i73 Pro interface. It has a retro look, with a navy/grey face and dark wooden sides.
Image: Heritage Audio

Heritage Audio introduced the i73 PRO family, a new line of audio interfaces featuring built-in Class A 73-style preamps, making analogue recording accessible to all via USB-C connectivity. The lineup includes the i73 PRO ONE, i73 PRO 2, and i73 PRO EDGE models.

Read more via MusicTech

Nord Grand 2

Nord was back with a new Nord digital grand piano. The Nord Grand 2 introduces an enhanced Kawai Hammer keybed with triple sensors for precise hammer movement tracking. Featuring dual layers of piano and synth, it offers flexibility for performance and sound creation.

LED faders, knobs, and buttons enable instant control of essential functions. The piano section includes Grands, Uprights, and Electric Pianos, while the Sample Synth section provides expanded memory with a variety of sounds. It also has an effects section, with new types of Reverb, Delay, Amps, and Modulation effects.

Nord Grand 2 costs $4,556/£3,590. Pre-order it at Thomann.

Roland Bridge Cast X

Roland’s Bridge Cast is a mixer that was released in 2023, and designed for streamers and content creators. This new addition to the range, the Bridge Cast X, is a bigger, more advanced version that can make your life a lot easier when you’re broadcasting live to the world with multiple cameras, microphones and sound effects.

Features include an XLR mic input, assignable control pads, and access to royalty-free music through the BGM CAST service on Roland Cloud. With two USB-C ports, HDMI inputs, and an HDMI Thru connector, this hub streamlines connectivity. There’s also a companion app by Roland that offers deeper controls, including mic processing and EQ presets.

The Roland Bridge Cast X costs $552/£435 and is available to pre-order from Thomann.

Re-issued Fairchild 670 compressor/limiter

The Fairchild 670 is a legendary analogue stereo compressor that gained iconic status in the world of audio engineering. It was designed by Rein Narma and released in the late 1950s by Fairchild Recording Equipment Corporation. The Fairchild 670 is highly coveted for its warm and transparent sound, as well as its unique compression characteristics.

The Fairchild 670 was discontinued 60 years ago after only 1,000 units were made. Now, in what is an awesome move by Fairchild, it’s being re-issued. You can see re-issues of both the Fairchild 660 and the 670 Reissues at NAMM Booth #14104.

Supercritical Redshift 6

Supercritical Redshift 6. It is a black, square-shaped synth featuring a range of black and white buttons with red accents.
Image: Supercritical

Supercritical launched the Redshift 6 analogue synth, the brand’s first-ever desktop synth. It has a “lush and warm sweet spot” inspired by analogue polysynth tradition, but packs in plenty of modern features too.

Read more via MusicTech.

Arturia Pigments 5

Arturia Pigments 5
Arturia Pigments 5. Image: Arturia

The polychrome soft synth isn’t so jam-packed with new features, but is likely a welcome upgrade for many users nonetheless.

Read more via MusicTech

Sennheiser HD 490 Pro

Producer mixing on Sennheiser HD 490 Pro
Sennheiser HD 490 Pro Image: Sennheiser.

Say hello to Sennheiser’s latest headphones primed for mixing and mastering — they even come with the DearVR Mix SE plugin.

Read more via MusicTech

Korg Handytraxx Play

Korg Handytraxx Play
Image: Korg

Korg is on an absolute roll this year for NAMM. Joining the ranks of new products on show is the Handytraxx Play, the brand’s latest attempt at a portable record player that builds on the legacy of the iconic Vestax Handy Trax.

Read more via MusicTech

Korg PS3300

Korg PS-3300 FS reissue
Image: Korg

Korg – again? Yes. Not done dishing out an array of new products, Korg also announced an exciting re-issue of the vintage PS3300 synth.

Read more via MusicTech

Korg Grandstage X

Korg Grandstage X
Credit: Korg

Korg continued its efforts to be the bell of the ball at NAMM 2024 with its announcement of the Korg Grandstage X stage piano. It’s a versatile, sleek centrepiece for the stage with an aluminium-crafted white ivory-style body housing, what Korg says, is “unparalleled sound quality”.

Read more via MusicTech

Erica Synths Mega Rack

Erica Synths Mega Rack
Credit: Erica Synths

Can’t stop buying new hardware synths and effects? You’re not alone! And Erica Synths is addressing this widespread problem with its new Mega Rack, a sleek-looking Eurorack case that doesn’t hold back on space. This 8×126 HP all-aluminium case with custom rails ensures optimal power (12A@+12V, 6A@-12V).

Its spacious design provides ample room for modules, offering flexibility and customisation, ensuring you don’t need to keep buying new studio furniture to house your gear. Additionally, the Megarack includes 2 4-pole XLR connectors for optional gooseneck lamps, making it a comprehensive solution for modular synthesizer enthusiasts.

Buy it at Thomann.

Korg Opsix MKII

Korg Opsix MK2
Credit: Korg

Korg unveiled its Opsix mkII synth at NAMM, building on its predecessor with expanded polyphony (64 voices), a 16-step pattern sequencer, and hands-on control through illuminated knobs and faders. The OLED display, modulation matrix, and three-stage effects processing enhance workflow. Priced at $987, it promises unparalleled sound variety with six operator modes and analogue-style filters.

Find out more and pre-order it via Thomann

Korg microKORG 2

MicroKorg2 on a smokey purple and black background. It is a small synth, with a mini keyboard and a mic which curves over the keys.
Image: Korg

Korg revived one of its most successful classic synths with the all-new microKorg 2. This new offering captures the “legacy of innovation and excellence” which has kept the original microKorg a “mainstay” in studios for more than twenty years, but with exciting contemporary features.

The new updates include a new stunning screen, a re-design of its interface, more vocal processing capabilities, a new vocoder and loads more. It’s set to launch in June 2024.

Find out more via Korg


The original NTS-1 was a small build-your-own synth and effects unit whose engine lets you load custom oscillators and effects from Korg’s Logue SDK, so it’s compatible with the Korg Prologue and Minilogue XD synths.

Now, uncoincidentally ahead of NAMM, Korg has added a number of new features to the compact unit. These include a new 18-key multi-touch keyboard and 8-step sequencer, new sounds, more MIDI capabilities, a more powerful processor, new oscillator types and wave capabilities and more.

Find out more at Thomann. Find KORG at booth #7003 at NAMM.

Korg kingKORG Neo

Korg’s kingKORG Neo is the latest addition to its virtual analogue kingKORG synth range. It’s a compact 37-key synth with a powerful XMT sound engine for quick and rich tone shaping. Its diverse oscillator algorithms and filters provide a wide sonic palette, while it also offers a sophisticated vocoder with a 16-band filter. With 200 preset programs, three master effect slots, and intuitive controls, this synthesizer is set to shake up NAMM next week, for sure.

Find out more at Thomann. Find KORG at booth #7003 at NAMM.

Desktop versions of Korg Wavestate MK2, Modwave MK2 and Opsix MK2

Do you love the sound of Korg’s synths but see no need for the keyboard? The brand has listened to this demand from its customer base, and transformed its Wavestate, Modwave and Opsix synths into desktop synths, making them slightly cheaper and rackable.

Housed in a 4U rack-mount enclosure, these modules mirror the Mk2 versions, featuring improved controls and enhanced features. The Wavestate Mk2 offers 120 voices, updated LFOs, and new modulation sources. The newly-launched Opsix Mk2, now with 64 voices, features a redesigned operator/mixer section. The modwave desktop module maintains 60 voices. All models support MIDI 2.0 Property Exchange and polyphonic aftertouch modulation.

Find out more about the Wavstate module via Thomann. Find out more about the Modwave module via Thomann. Find out more about the Opsix module via Thomann.

Korg Nu:Tekt NTS-3 Kaoss Pad Kit

In another cool move from Korg, it unveiled the Kaoss Pad Kit, adding to its Nu:Tekt DIY series. This lets you build your own version of the brand’s exciting and popular XY-pad style Kaoss Pad effects unit. So, as you’d expect, it features a responsive XY touch pad with 35 Kaoss effects, including filters, compressors, delays, and modulations.

You can stack up to four effects simultaneously, control parameters via touch, and save presets. The kit, requiring no soldering, offers personalised assembly with reversible black and metallic red side panels.

Find out more at Thomann. Find KORG at booth #7003 at NAMM.


Credit: Yamaha

Yamaha unveiled the SEQTRACK, an all-in-one device for all your production needs, with a staggering selection of tools in a portable format. Features include a step sequencer, drum machine, sampler, two AWM2 synthesizers, a reface DX-style FM synthesizer, plus a microphone, speaker, rechargeable battery and even an accompanying app.

Producers have already noted visual similarities between the SEQTRACK and Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 and OP-Z, but at only £447.60/€478.80/$599, it’s markedly more wallet-friendly.

Read more about the Yamaha SEQTRACK. Find Yamaha at booth #304 at NAMM.

Up your Stylophone game with the CPM DS-2 analogue drone synthesizer

Stylophone CPM DS-2 Analogue Drone Synthesizer
Image: Stylophone

Dubreq, creator of the iconic Stylophone, unveiled the latest iteration of its famed pocket synth in the form of the CPM DS-2 analogue drone synthesizer.

Key features of the CPM DS-2 include two 3340 analogue oscillators, twin analogue sub-oscillators, and two analogue 3320 filters. Users can keep things musical by linking the pitch of the two analogue oscillators to ensure everything stays harmoniously in tune, or hard sync them for even wilder sounds.

Read more about the CPM DS-2. Find Stylophone at booth #10710 at NAMM.

NAMM 2024: MOTU’s 828 audio interface receives “complete redesign”

MOTU 828
Credit: MOTU

The 828 has been a favourite in professional studios since the first model was launched in 2001, thanks to its connectivity options, reliable performance, and industry-standard compatibility. Since then, we’ve witnessed MK2 and MK3 versions launched, followed by the Thunderbolt-compatible 828x and the 828es, which draws on MOTU’s own AVB (audio video bridging) technology.

Just in time for NAMM 2024, MOTU gifted us with a “complete redesign” of the 828. It looks to be a complete refresh, hence the simple ‘828’ name, as opposed to being the 828 MK4 or another version.

Read more about the MOTU 828. 

Dtronics DT-303 is an FX box built to beef up 303 basslines

Dtronics DT-303
Credit: Dtronics

Dtronics has launched the DT-303, a compact little device that has one goal: to beef up 303 basslines. That’s the Roland TB-303 and Dinsync RE 303.

Tiny but deadly, the small pedal consists of three knobs that will hyper-charge and distort the 303’s sound, allowing you to fine-tune the level of distortion, filter and volume.

Read more about the Dtronics DT-303

Mackie Creator DLZ Creator XS

Mackie DLZ Creator XS
Credit: Mackie

Mackie delivered three new products at NAMM this year. The most exciting for bedroom creators was the DLZ Creator XS, a mixer designed for content creators, streamers and musicians alike. It’s a compact version of Mackie’s original, larger DLZ Creator, launched in 2023, and maintains high-quality performance with two Onyx preamps delivering 80dB gain.

Featuring USB, Bluetooth, and headphone inputs, it records multitrack audio to a computer or SD card. While omitting faders for encoders to save space, it retains hands-on control through a seven-inch touchscreen, multi-function encoders, and dedicated buttons for key functions like cue monitoring. The unit includes a grid of six pads for sample triggering or assigned functions like fading and ducking.

Read more about the Mackie DLZ Creator XS via Mackie

BASTL Neo Trinity module

Bastl Instruments launched the Neo Trinity, its latest Eurorack module, succeeding the renowned CV Trinity. This compact 6-channel modulation hub seamlessly combines knob and trigger recording, LFOs, CVs, and envelope generators. Tailored for performance, Neo Trinity allows automation of each channel’s main parameter with a REC button, features recordable trigger generators with algorithmic fill, and offers modulation shape variations.

It costs $363/£286. Buy it now at Thomann.

PreSonus Eris Pro 4

In September 2023, PreSonus expanded its Eris studio monitor line, introducing the Eris Pro series with various models, and it recently announced the Eris Pro 4, just in time for Namm Show 2024. This new model, designed for immersive mixing rooms, features a 4.5-inch coaxial driver with a 1-inch silk-dome tweeter, ensuring a detailed transient response and combating listening fatigue.

The single point-source design provides accurate phase alignment, a wide sweet spot, and a symmetrical dispersion pattern – crucial for precise multi-speaker immersive setups.

Find out more via PreSonus.


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