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UJAM Summer Sale – Up to 46% off

UJAM Instruments Virtual Drummer 2

UJAM puts usability at the forefront of its products, making production easier and faster. Its plug-ins include HYPE, an instrument dedicated to EDM styles, and USynth 2080, which strips down the features to make it easy for a first-time synth user to use.

Until 31 August, UJAM is running a summer sale that takes up to 465 off on selected plug-ins. Go and check out their fine seelction of plug-ins and take advantage of its Summer Sale at

Ghetto Drum Sampler Flash Sale – 50% off

Studio with Goldbaby text

Only on, the Ghetto Drum Sampler sample pack is now available at 50% off until 25 August. Grab the offer by inputting 50GDS at checkout. Check the pack out here.

In the pack are a range of drums and audio effects created using five vintage drum samplers (RZ1, DDD1, ASRX Pro, ST224, and the ES1) sampling sounds from the 808, 909, DR110 and more. The punchy results from the samplers have been recorded through two 1073-500 pres, a Fat Bustard II valve mixer, and other high-end gear.

Soundiron summer sale – 35% off

soundiron 2000x1500

Soundiron provides a range of varied virtual instruments made using unique high-quality recordings of real instruments. For example, there are some great choir plug-ins, a Greek percussion instrument, a spooky theremin, and an ’emotional piano’ plug-in. There’s even a set of sounds called ‘apocalyptic percussion’.

Until 28 August, Soundiron is having its Summer sale, taking 35% off all prices storewide. Check out some of these intriguing instruments at

Heavyocity Vocalise 3 Intro Sale – 16% off

Image: Heavyocity

Vocalise 3 by Heavyocity a virtual instrument for Kontakt giving users cinematic vocal production in a wide variety of styles.

From more traditional-sounding phrases to more experimental and abstract articulations and even soundscape-esque applications, the instrument is the latest in Heavyocity’s capable line of hybrid software instruments that combine samples with sound design. It’s brand new with an intro offer of 16% off. Take advantage of the reduction here.

Spitfire Audio Albion Tundra – 40% off

albion tundra 2000x1500

Spitfire Audio’s Summer Sale may be over, but the offers keep coming from the virtual instrument sample library legends.

With the Albion Tundra, buyers can get their hands on nearly 28,000 samples all focused around a characteristic and distinct Scandinavian sound. All the sounds have been sampled from a 100-piece orchestra. There is orchestral content, bellows, percussion and a wonderfully warped synth selection. Get Albion Tundra now with 40% off, making it just $269 here.

Native Instruments FM8 – 90% off


Frequency modulation synthesis can be a hard concept to wrap your head around, but NI strives to simplify with the FM8 synth, featuring a clean, easy-to-understand interface, making the process a lot more visual. FM8 has six oscillators, and you can route each one into one another, making for next-level tweaking. Then, users can use the effects presets to warp the sound even more. There’s also an arpeggiator feature.

FM8 is available at 10% – just 10% – of the original price. It was available for $155 but now, you can save $141 and get it for just $14.49. Take a look at this fantastic offer here.

BLEASS iOS Summer Sale – Up to 60% off

BLEASS Monolit 2000x1500

BLEASS has come into the affordable plug-in market and taken it by storm in recent years with its brilliant and free Monolit synth, the Omega FM synth, Phase Mutant FM effects plug-in, phaser plug-in and more – all made for iOS users.

They were already cheap, with the Monolit even being made available for free, but now BLEASS is giving users even more of a bargain until 15 August. Don’t miss these affordable yet remarkably robust, intuitive synths and effects plug-ins, available with up to 60% off until 15 August.

Solid State Logic Perfect Pairing Sale – Up to 92% off

SSL perfect pairing deal 2000x1500

SSL are giving away a selection of its brilliant plug-ins for reduced prices, with some coming at a whopping 92% under the original asking price.

Included in these plug-ins are its X-Comp compressor and X-ValveComp valve compressor. There’s also 77% off the X-Delay, X-Echo and 72% off the Fusion Stereo Image and Fusion Violet EQ plug-in. Go check it out here.

Arturia Summer Sale – 50% off

arturia 50% off sale

You hardly need to look much further than Arturia‘s effects collection and virtual instrument collections to see why they’re on the best in the game. And now, it’s giving a lovely 50% off on selected virtual software instruments and sound banks.

Running until 12 August, included in the Summer Sale are modern and vintage synth emulations, including the Korg MS-20 and the fantastic Augmented Strings synth, which offers modern orchestral string sounds. In terms of effects, the offer includes a reduced price on the Delay Tape-201. Finally, there’s 50% off on loads of sound banks, from hans Zimmer-style sounds to lo-fi sounds, trap and hip-hop samples. Check it all out at

FabFilter products – 20% off

Fab Filter Pro C2 compresser 2000x1500

FabFilter offers brilliant filter effects plug-ins but also compression plug-ins and even software synths. If you’re looking for advanced mastering and sound design tools, Fabfilter are worth a look at.

Now, you can get 20% off on the Fabfilter Pro-C 2 Compressor, Fabfilter Pro-L 2 Limiter and Fabfilter Pro-R Reverb. This is a rare 20% off. Go check out the three items on sale here.

Eventide Pluginpalooza – 70% off

Eventide Pluginpalooza

Eventide’s aptly-named Pluginpalooza sale will give you up to a whopping 70 per cent off a range of its plug-ins, from select software from the H9 Series to the innovative SmartEQ mixing effect. You can also get the entire Clockworks bundle for a reduced price of £249. If you’ve been thinking of adding Eventide software to your plug-in folder, now’s the time.

You can take advantage of these deals until 31 August 2022 – right until the end of summer.

Check out the deal here.

Free samples from BandLab Sounds

New in BandLab 10

BandLab Sounds offers free music, loops and samples – and MusicTech has collaborated with the DAW on a few royalty-free sound packs.

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