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BLEASS Dragonfly Flash Sale – 50% off

BLEASS’ dragonfly plugin is a dynamic tremolo that applies a tremolo effect in correspondence with note frequencies. It features a lovely little dragonfly that flaps its wings with the stuttering effect you apply to the sound. But it’s not all about the animated insects on the plugin’s interface! It also a features a funky ‘Wildness’ feature and loads more to play with.

Check it out at

KSHMR Chain Intro Sale – 40% off

KSHMR Chain is a new workflow streamlining plugin made by Excite Audio in collaboration with EDM star KSHMR. It streamlines your workflow and eradicates copy and paste, the producer says. Make plugin chains, save them and apply them to multiple tracks quickly and easily.

The way it works is by having ‘leader plugins’ and ‘follower plugins’. The leader is where you test out the paramters for your desired result, and then once you’ve decided on that, you can broadcast it out to all the followers, so they have the exact same parametres. It basically solves the issue of duplicating plugin chains all the time.

Buy it for an intro price of $29 on

Techivation T-Puncher Intro Sale – 50% off

Techivation’s T-Puncher plugin is a new plugin made for adding punch to your drums without it sounding too unnaturally harsh or with any added artifactual sound. “Punch, power and musicality” are the words Techivation has chosen to describe T-Puncher. It can also soften up your drum hits, if you wish. The interface is also minimal without any unneeded faff – making the whole process a lot simpler and easier.

There’s an intro sale on this right now, making it just $39 – down from $79. Check out the intro offer at

Volt + UAD plugin promotion – $448 of plugins free

Universal Audio develops high end plugins that accurately emulate vintage effects or classic pieces of gear, like the Hammond B3 organ, for example. If you’re looking to go retro and only want the best for your DAW, Universal Plugins are a safe bet for getting the best, most tried and tested results.

Now, UA is offering $448 worth of plugin goodness with every purchase of any of their fantastic physical Volt audio interface range, which includes the new Volt 76 and 76P. Get a top quality audio interface alongside equally pro quality plugins at until 31 October.

iZotope Ozone 10 Intro Sale – 50% off

iZotope’s Ozone 10 Advanced is the industry standard tool for audio mastering, according to the developer, which adds punch to your tracks and brings them to life. The updated version adds Stabilizer and Impact modules – the former being an adaptive mastering EQ with a focus on clarity, naturality and smoothness, while the latter enhances rhythm with four frequency bands to control the microdynamics of your track.

The intro sale is running 20 October, offering the plugin for 50% of the original price. Check it out at

Plugin Boutique September Synth Month Sale – up to 97% off

It’s Synth Month all September over on pluginboutique. That means that on loads of plugins synths, including the new 303 emulation, Phoscyon 2, are going on sale with reduced prices. Also included in the Synth Month Sale is Softube’s Modular synth, Cherry Audio’s Dreamsynth and iZotope’s Iris 2 with a whopping 93% off.

Go and check out some these fantastic plugin synths from a range of developers at It runs until 30 September.

iZotope RX 10 Advanced Intro Sale – 68% off

Until 10 October, the brand new RX 10 plugin by iZotope is available for cheaper than usual thanks to an intro sale. running until 11 October. For those who don’t know, iZotope is one of the leading names in advanced mastering tools for DAW.

RX 10 Advanced is the latest version of iZotope’s brilliant audio restoration suite. It mainly helps with removing annoying background noise from recordings. The latest updates include a rebuilt Repair Assistant and an improved Spectral Repair. If you already own RX, you can also upgrade easily to the latest version. Check out the offer at

Output EXHALE Sale – 35% off

Output‘s Exhale plugin is a modern vocal engine that “pushes the envelope in terms of what’s possible with vocals,” according to the developer. It’s full of professionally recorded vocal one shots processed through vintage and analogue gear that can be contorted beyond comprehension using the 500 unique modulation presets. There are three modes: Notes for chromatic playing, Loops for looping vocal samples, and Slices for sliced vocal phrases.

Until 30 September, grab EXHALE for just $129 at

Baby Audio IHNY-2 Intro Sale – Up To 64% off

Baby Audio has revised its original IHNY compressor plugin for the IHNY-2. The USP behind this compressor is its “larger than life” resulting sound, according to the demo video. It makes tracks hit much harder – this is achieved by combining the original audio with a highly compressed version. It hits much harder than other compressors, so if you’re looking for a punchy sound using a compressor, this is the one to go for.

The IHNY-2 is now available with an intro offer of up to 64% until 30 September. Already own the IHNY-1? Customers can purchase an upgrade for $24. Check it out at

Arturia Dist COLDFIRE Intro Sale – 50% off

Arturia‘s brand new Dist COLDFIRE plugin is a dual-engine distortion effects plugin with 11 types of analogue and digital distortion making for subtle tube saturation warmth right through chaotic transformations of sounds. What’s more, the dual engine system lets users combine two types of distortion for really creative experimentation. According to Arturia, the plugin provides users with “near-infinite” distortion opportunities.

As an intro sale, users can now grab this plugin for a mere $99. That offer won’t last for long though. Take advantage of the offer at

Free samples from BandLab Sounds

New in BandLab 10

BandLab Sounds offers free music, loops and samples – and MusicTech has collaborated with the DAW on a few royalty-free sound packs.

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