Learn how to make the most of Ableton Live’s Tuner device

Tuning an instrument to standard might not be the coolest part of production, but it sure is important.

Ableton Live Tuner

Let’s face it – tuning your instruments and samples is one of the lesser exciting parts of music-making. Once everything’s tuned up, though, the rewards speak for themselves; no more cringing at out of tune notes. To make this a more effortless process, we can use Ableton Live’s highly visual  Tuner device to help us keep our projects musically coherent, even when we want to deviate from the usual Western tunings we’re used to.

In this video, Liam O’Mullane shows you how to use Ableton Live’s Tuner device. This simple device has a variety of features that can help you tune your instruments, and keep your samples in key with other elements in your project. You’ll learn the utility of each view mode and understand how to set the tuning to concert pitch A and to unconventional tuning standards.

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