Learn how to use Live’s different audio limiters in your mixes

We take a look at the Limiter and Color Limiter devices to see how they can be used to achieve a pro-sounding track.

Ableton Live Limiter

Limiters are often seen as a dark art of music production or as a means of simply making your mix louder. Ableton Live‘s limiters are easy to use, though, and can do more than just amp up your track. Along with their ability to prevent your mix from clipping, they can also be used creatively for sound design possibilities.

In this Ableton Live Tutorial, Liam O’Mullane shows you the different audio limiting options in Ableton Live. You’ll learn what limiting is, how to use Live’s Limiter device to achieve it, and how each parameter of the device works. You’ll also learn about Color Limiter for Live Suite, and find out how to use these devices for more creative results.

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