Best reverb plugins 2024: Our favourite free and paid-for reverb plugins

We round up the finest reverb plugins for adding a sense of space to your tracks

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Person working on music in a studio, photo by Kehan Chen/Getty Images

Person working on music in a studio. Image: Kehan Chen/Getty Images

Reverb is often pivotal in crafting a professional and three-dimensional sounding mix. From the original spring, plate and chamber reverb techniques to hardware algorithms and captured impulse responses, there are many different techniques to add depth to your audio.

As a general rule, most plugins either fall into the algorithmic or convolution categories. For the former, the quality of the programmed algorithms is an essential marker for how the effect sounds, and for the latter, it’s the variety of the captured impulse responses.

Whether you’re looking to place a drum kit in a realistic room or shoot your vocal to the Moon in a vast and unusual space, we’ve selected a wide range of reverbs for you to check out.

FabFilter – Pro-R 2

Pro-R 2 is the sequel to FabFilter’s original, much-loved reverb. The plugin features the same well-designed GUI with understandable controls such as Distance, Brightness and Space, and it has a unique Decay Rate EQ that lets you intuitively tweak the decay time for different parts of the spectrum.

This version ups the ante and adds Vintage and Plate algorithms alongside the original’s smooth and natural Modern style. There’s also a Thickness control to saturate and compress the reverb tail, built-in Ducking and Auto-Gate features, a Freeze button, support for surround and Immersive Audio, extra output settings for each Decay Rate and Post EQ band, and an improved preset browser. Plus, an innovative Impulse Response import function that can turn IRs into algorithmic presets.

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Key features:

  • Price: £144 (also available in several bundles)
  • Type: Algorithmic (Modern, Vintage, Plate)
  • IR import functionality, built-in ducking and auto-gate, great GUI

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Overloud – REmatrix

REmatrix isn’t far off being a decade old, but it’s a testament to its unique design and usefulness that it still makes the list. It lets you choose, edit and blend up to five different impulse responses, which are then combined to make a final reverb sound. This means you can take the best characteristics of plates, rooms, halls, early reflections and special reverb styles, and create a rich and complex 3D space.

There are also built-in effects so you can modulate, compress, saturate and EQ the reverb, and add a delay effect and blend an algorithmic reverb underneath.

Arguably the best part of REmatrix is the large, high-quality library of Impulse Responses and presets that comes with it. And if you want more, there are 14 expansion libraries at €79 a pop, plus three free ones available from the Overloud site.

Read our full REmatrix review here.

Key features:

  • Price: €199
  • Type: Convolution
  • Massive factory library with 330 IRs and 60 presets, plus expansions available

Get this plugin at Overloud.

Soundtoys – SuperPlate

It took five years from the release of Little Plate for Soundtoys to finally bring us its big brother, SuperPlate, but it was worth the wait. SuperPlate gives you the option of five different emulations, meticulously captured from vintage hardware units like the EMT140, Goldfoil EMT240, and Stocktronics RX 4000. Each brings a different plate flavour to the table, which can be further tweaked with three preamp options, modulation controls and a simple, built-in EQ.

The feature that really stands out, though, is the Auto-Decay function. Where other reverbs often have ducking effects that work by pulling down the volume, SuperPlate instead reduces the decay time. This works wonders on faster passages, as you still get a thick reverb sound, but the tails are much tighter, which results in a more prominent signal.

If you like the sound of plates, then this one is a no-brainer. Especially if you already own the Soundtoys bundle, as the upgrade cost is fairly cheap.

Read our full SuperPlate review here.

Key Features:

  • Price: $149
  • Type: Algorithmic (EMT140, Goldfoil EMT240, Audicon, EcoPlate III & Stocktronics RX40000)
  • Unique Auto-Decay ducking function, three preamp options with modulation and simple EQ

Get this plugin at Plugin Boutique.

Valhalla – Supermassive

Valhalla DSP makes a range of affordable, high-quality reverb plugins, including the revered VintageVerb, which you’ll find in many a producer’s toolkit. For this round-up though, we’ve chosen the exceptional Supermassive, which also happens to be free.

It’s just been updated to version three and now includes a huge 20 different reverb modes to choose from, which all have varying settings for attack, decay, density and repeating delays. These can be tempo-synced or left free-running, with various controls for Delay time, Warp, Density, modulation, low and high cut EQ, Mix and Width.

Although Supermassive can do shorter and more traditional reverb sounds, it excels at gigantic spaces with long, swelling waves echoing out into infinity. It’s an absolute wonder for sound design and creating atmospheric beds from anything you throw at it.

Key Features:

  • Price: FREE
  • Type: Algorithmic (20 reverb/delay modes)
  • Highly characterful algorithms for creating large epic spaces

Get this plugin at Valhalla DSP.

Baby Audio – Crystalline

Crystalline is arguably the least traditional-looking reverb here in terms of its design. The Baby Audio team has built a modern plugin that lets you control the size and reflection characteristics of its algorithm, rather than choosing between a small room or a hall.

You use icon-like graphics to tweak each control in sections called Reflections, Depth, Clean-up and Shape, which allow you to change the room size, stereo spread, modulation amount, reflection density, overall tone and more. There’s also a useful transient processor for controlling the attack and sustain portions of the reverb sound, a built-in ducker, and a freeze button.

Instead of pre-delay and decay time, you choose a start and end point for your reverb sound, which can also be synced to your DAW to get note-length divisions. It sounds fantastic, but can be a little heavy on the CPU. Thankfully though there’s an eco mode that can help with this.

Read our full Crystalline review here.

Key Features:

  • Price: $99
  • Type: Algorithmic
  • Intuitive algorithm editing, plus transient control of reverb tail

Get this plugin at Plugin Boutique.

Strymon – BigSky Plugin

If you’re familiar with the world of effects pedals, then you’ll no doubt have heard of the BigSky reverb by Strymon. The pedal has been around for 10 years, but due to its popularity, Strymon has finally decided to make the excellent algorithms available in plugin format.

There are 12 Reverb Machines in total, including traditional sounding Room, Hall, and Plate settings alongside the more unique and beautiful sounding Bloom, Cloud and Shimmer. Some of these use a range of pitch shifting, and reverse techniques, making this a very creative and flexible reverb plugin. As you select each algorithm, you get access to its specific controls for further tweaking, which gives the plugin an advantage over the menu diving required on the pedal version.

It’s also worth noting that Strymon has added an Infinite Sustain and a Freeze function to the plugin version, which can be used for creating larger textures.

Read our full BigSky plugin review here.

Key Features:

  • Price: £198
  • Type: Algorithmic (12 modes)
  • Notable features: A large number of different sounding, creative algorithms now available in one plugin

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Denise Audio – Perfect Room

Some room algorithms can tend to add metallic resonances that smother the original sound, but not so with Perfect Room. Denise Audio uses something they call TXVerb reverb technology to enhance the inherent character and colouration of your signal, without cluttering it with unwanted resonances and tinny artefacts. This means you can use it on lead instruments, bass guitars and kick drums, or even busses and whole mixes, as it avoids adding harshness.

It can also be used to turn mono instruments into expansive environments without any phase issues and comes with five different room types, and three tail shape options. There’s also a built-in ducker (which you can probably tell by this point is a must for a modern reverb plugin!), plus Shimmer and Detune parameters, making Perfect Room capable of more traditional spaces and extreme sound-designed effects.

Read our full Perfect Room review here. 

Key Features:

  • Price: $59
  • Type: Algorithmic (5 rooms and 3 tail shapes)
  • Shimmer, Detune and Ducker effects

Get this plugin at Plugin Boutique.

LiquidSonics – Seventh Heaven

LiquidSonics brings the coveted Bricasti M7 hardware reverb to life in this high-quality reverb plugin that captures the natural, lush, smooth and transparent sound of the original. It manages this through LiquidSonics proprietary Fusion-IR technology, which tracks the behaviour of a reverb through its early reflection through to the final tail stage. This results in a more evolving sound compared to a more traditional static IR snapshot. Although it’s based around convolution, you then get the ability to tweak a range of parameters as though you are editing an algorithmic reverb.

The full Professional version includes over 230 multi-sampled Fusion-IR presets, 32 selectable early reflection patterns, full surround support, an internal ducking effect, and a five-band oversampled master EQ. It has an exceptional sound that sits well in the mix, and the range of different captured algorithms makes it highly versatile.

Read our full Seventh Heaven Professional review here.

Key Features:

  • Price: $69 Seventh Heaven, $299 Seventh Heaven Professional
  • Type: Convolution (over 230 Fusion-IR presets)
  • Unique technology manages to capture the high-quality evolving sound of the hardware

Get this plugin at LiquidSonics.

sonible – smart:reverb

Sonible is one of the companies at the forefront of innovative, AI-based plugin design. Its smart:reverb plugin is a source-adaptive effect that can listen to your audio and create a custom preset to perfectly complement the source. You simply select an instrument from a drop-down menu and then click a record button to listen to a short portion of the track. The tailored preset can then be edited to your liking.

The controls are a little different to a traditional algorithmic reverb, with time-based graphs for controlling the Decay, Spread and Density, and an X/Y pad that lets you morph between Intimate, Rich, Natural and Artificial parameters. There are also controls for Width, a ducker (called Clarity), a basic EQ, and Freeze and Infinite buttons.

It may not be the best-sounding reverb in this list, but it has an excellent knack for getting sounds to sit well in the mix with minimal editing.

Read our full smart:reverb review here.

Key Features:

  • Price: $129 (also available in several bundles)
  • Type: Algorithmic (X/Y pad morphs between settings)
  • Unique time editing, AI adaptive preset creation can help generate presets in seconds

Get this plugin at Plugin Boutique.

Cableguys – ReverbShaper

Our final entry is also the most recently released. ReverbShaper loads into Cableguys’ excellent ShaperBox plugin and includes unique envelope-based editing features.

It’s a convolution-based plugin that comes with 127 varied IRs, plus the ability to load your own. You have more traditional controls for the decay time, width and pre-delay, and a Size slider that resamples the impulse to make it longer or short, whilst also affecting its pitch. The fun starts when you begin editing the volume of the reverb using the tempo-synced LFO tool, which has flexible drawing tools to create simple swells or complex, gated rhythms.

There’s also a graph to edit the Send signal, so you could just highlight a single snare in a loop to send through to the reverb, thus saving time with fiddly automation. On top of this, you have an envelope follower and audio or MIDI triggering, plus low, mid and high bands to split the IRs and controls. It’s probably the most creative tool on offer here, and also one of the cheapest.

Key Features:

  • Price: €39 / $39 (or €89 / $89 for full ShaperBox 3 with 10 effects)
  • Type: Convolution (127 IRs)
  • Notable features: Draw your reverb tails, envelope follower, audio triggering, multi-band functionality

Get this plugin at Pluqin Boutique.

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