Learn how to turn your audio clips into MIDI instruments in Ableton Live 10

Using the three Convert modes, you can take a section of a sample and play it back with your own sounds.

convert to midi

This week in our Ableton Live Tutorials video, Liam O’Mullane shows us how to use the Convert to MIDI options in Ableton Live 10 to transform our audio clips into MIDI data, which we can then play with our own instruments.

For example, using Convert Drums to MIDI will allow us to take a drumbeat on its own, and extract the data to create a new clip to be played with our own drum sounds. Convert Harmony to MIDI analyses chord data, which is useful in cases like adding a piano layer to a chord played by a string ensemble. Convert Melody to MIDI allows us to extract the main melody of a sample and use that to trigger our virtual instruments.

Next week, we’ll be looking at using Ableton Live’s Drum Rack to layer our drum sounds.

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