Learn how to easily link up multiple instruments and effects in Ableton Live 10

In our Ableton Live Tutorial video, we explore Instrument Racks, MIDI Effect Racks, Audio Effect Racks, and how to control them with your own macros.

After taking a deeper look at Drum Racks in Ableton Live 10, Liam O’Mullane now walks us through Instrument, MIDI Effect and Audio Effect Racks. In the same way that Drum Racks can layer up sounds, Instrument Racks let you combine multiple instances of MIDI instruments to create one, unified instrument that you can control. This is great for deep pad sounds, complex bass synths and more.

MIDI Effect Racks can be used to insert multiple MIDI effects to your instruments, so you can stack Arpeggiator, Chord, Scale and other effects that make your performances more interesting. Audio Effect Racks use the same principle, but with audio effects on the overall sound rather than the notes – so you can add Chorus, Reverb, Delay, or whatever else you need into one Rack. Once your Rack is set up, you can set-up macros to easily control a user-defined set of parameters without diving into each instrument or effect to change different settings.

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