Warm Audio’s WA-14SP stereo pair recreates “the most truthful studio mic of all time”

Packaged as pair for the first time, the mic replicates AKG’s classic C414 EB, helping achieve “minimal colouration and smooth high end”

Warm Audio WA-14SP

Warm Audio

Warm Audio has launched WA-14SP, a stereo pair package edition of its WA-14 microphone, which was only previously available as a standalone microphone.

The WA-14 is modelled on AKG’s C414 EB, a now-rare large-diaphragm capacitor microphone launched in 1976, heralded as “the most truthful studio mic of all time”, according to Warm Audio. This new package duplicates the faithful mic emulation to create a stereo pair.

Warm Audio WA-14SP
Warm Audio

Included in the bundle are two WA-14 mics with a brass CK-12 style capsule, a variable pad, and three polar patterns, plus two shock mounts, two hard clips, two durable travel pouches, and a stereo mounting bar. With this setup, it makes it easier to achieve natural sound with “minimal colouration and smooth high end”, says the brand.

The WA-14SP undergoes testing, Warm Audio says, to ensure each mic stays within +/- 1dB of the other, making for dependable performance for stereo recording. The WA-14 mirrors the sonic quality of its EB-circuit inspiration, offering clear mids, controlled bass, and accurate high-end focus, preserving the authenticity of the original performance in recordings.

What is stereo pairing?

Positioned in configurations like X-Y or spaced pairs, dual microphones capture audio from different angles, emulating the natural spatial hearing we experience through our ears. This helps create immersive, authentic recordings, preserving subtleties and spatial cues that a singular microphone could miss. Stereo pairs commonly record instruments, rooms, vocals, and live acts, crafting a lifelike sonic portrayal for a more genuine auditory experience.

More Warm

Warm Audio has delivered an array of fantastic mic emulations recently, which we’ve been lucky enough to test out. In 2022, the company released the WA-47F and WA-CX12, which emulate the classic Telefunken C12 and the Neumann U47. We later reviewed both the “superb all-round” WA-47F and the WA-CX12, praising its “sweet, flattering sound”.

The full WA-14SP stereo pair package is priced at $749. You can also still buy the original by itself for $462 at thomann. Find out more about the new package at warmaudio.com.


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