Become a vocoder virtuoso using Ableton Live’s Vocoder device

Learn how to create intriguing textures and leads with Live’s stock vocal-transforming effect

Ableton Live Vocoder

Ever wanted to give yourself a robotic voice or create rich, textural vocal chords? You’ll need a vocoder. This used to be a costly affair – a Roland VP-330 vocoder would cost you upwards of $2,500 in the 80s. Fortunately, now you’ve got a vocoder sitting right in your DAW with Ableton Live’s Vocoder device.

In this Ableton Live Tutorial, MusicTech expert Liam O’Mullane will guide you through Ableton Live’s Vocoder. You’ll learn the difference between a Modulator and a Carrier, find out about the properties of bands and how to use MIDI to apply Vocoder to your vocal line.

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