Learn how Ableton Live’s Filter Delay can create a mono-friendly Haas Effect

It turns out that combining a filter with a delay opens the floodgates for experimentation

Ableton Live Filter Delay

You’re probably familiar with spatial effects like delay and reverb. How often do you apply filters to these effects to create different textures in your mix? Ableton Live’s Filter Delay does this for you, applying three duplicates of your signal across left, right and left+right channels. This opens up some seriously interesting possibilities, especially when combined with its ability to offset timings.

In this Ableton Live Tutorials video, Liam O’Mullane gives you a walkthrough of Live’s Filter Delay. You’ll learn how the parameters on the device manipulate the sound, plus you’ll learn how to harness its power to create a Haas Effect on your music for an expanded stereo image.

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