Following Audio Damage’s example, Toneboosters have now made a list of legacy plug-ins available for free

The 23 effects are available in VST/AU 64-bit formats and come without any support or warranty.

Toneboosters legacy plug-ins

Toneboosters has announced that 23 of its plug-ins from the classic TrackEssentials and BusTools series are now free to download.

“Windows and macOS versions of the TrackEssentials and BusTools (v3) plug-ins are enjoying their well-deserved retirement after being in service for over a decade and are now made available as freeware,” says the company, which has decided to bundle everything into a single 64-bit installer.

The list of free plug-ins includes EQs, reverbs, modulators, tape simulators, de-essers and more; also including BusTools’ well-regarded plug-ins such as its true-peak limiter Barricade, its ReelBus tape sim, and imager Isone. The caveat for the download is that it comes with no technical support or warranty, so users are on their own if they run into problems.

Toneboosters’ giveaway comes not long after the release of its new virtual analogue synthesizer, Flowtones. The company is yet to release any new plug-ins for 2022, so we’ll be keeping an eye on Toneboosters in the coming months in case of new announcements.

Here’s the full list of plugins:

  • Barricade V3
  • Broadcast V3
  • Bus Compressor V3
  • Compressor V3
  • De-Esser V3
  • Dither V3
  • EBU Compact V3
  • EBU Loudness V3
  • Equalizer V3
  • Evoke V3
  • EZQ V3
  • Ferox V3
  • FLX V3
  • FLX4 V3
  • Gate V3
  • Isone V3
  • Mid/Side Transformer V3
  • Module V3
  • ReelBus V3
  • Reverb V3
  • Sibalance V3
  • Time Machine V3
  • Voice Pitcher V3

The free plug-in drop follows Audio Damage’s recent decision to give 33 of their classic plug-ins away, including BigSeq2, Dr Device, Discord 3, ADverb, PhaseTwo, Phosphor, Mangleverb, Rough Rider Pro, FuzzPlus 3, Filterstation and many more. As with Tonebooster’s legacy plug-ins, Audio Damage has noted that it will not be providing support or warranty for the software.

Head over to and scroll to the bottom of the page to download the installer.


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