Kits.AI’s Instrument Converter transforms your voice into instruments

Turn a simple hum into a massive orchestra or the tap of a tabletop into a booming kickdrum.

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Kits.AI Instrument Converter

Kits.AI Instrument Converter

Kits.AI, an AI-powered platform built by Arpeggi Labs that lets you turn voices into other voices, has introduced a new feature, the Kits.AI Instrument Converter, that does the same for instruments.

The website previously only let you convert audio into a royalty-free selection of singers, such as Vance, a soul singer, or Ramona, a pop singer. Now, you can import any audio, and turn it into another instrument, much like the Vochlea Dubler 2 microphone.

For example, you could turn guitar notes into the sound of a cello or you could upload a simple hum and transform it into a gnarly dubstep-style synth. According to Arpeggi Labs, a wide range of instruments are available to use.

The instruments you can convert into include drums, guitar, bass, cello, saxophone, a ‘growling bass’ and many more.

It’s fair to say, Kits.AI is not the only brand leveraging AI technology to help musicians transform audio. In May 2023, AI advocate and singer Grimes launched, a platform that lets fans turn their own voice into hers. Over 15,000 people signed up to the platform in two days.

Before the launch, and in response to a negative response to fake AI-generated Drake and The Weeknd songs, Grimes took to Twitter to write, “I’ll split 50 [per cent] royalties on any successful AI-generated song that uses my voice.

“Feel free to use my voice without penalty. I have no label and no legal bindings,” she wrote. “I think it’s cool to be fused w a machine and I like the idea of open-sourcing all art and killing copyright”.

In August, a software called TextToSample was launched which, much like ChatGPT, that lets you input a series of commands, say ‘trap drum fill’, and have it created in seconds. In the same month, we saw the launch of Myvox, an AI vocal and music distribution platform that allows artists to create and distribute songs with AI-cloned vocals from licensed artists.

AI technology is also being implemented in the DJing world. A new platform, DJ.Studio 2.0, was recently launched. Boasting itself as a “DAW for DJs”, it utilises AI technology to create high quality mixes quickly, and lets you tweak and export them instantly to Mixcloud or YouTube.

If you’re interested in turning your audio into an instrument using Kits.AI’s latest Instrument Converter tool, create an account and get going at


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