Cut corners in your workflow with Logic Pro X’s Marquee Tool

Learn how a nifty tool lets you make edits across multiple tracks simultaneously.

Logic Pro Marquee Tool

Arranging a track is no easy task. You may want to move individual instruments to a new section for increased impact, reduce the amount of sound in one section for dramatic effect, or you may just want to repeat an entire section because it’s so darn good. Logic Pro X’s Marquee Tool is primed for these actions, letting you select multiple tracks and regions and make edits to them all simultaneously.

In this week’s Logic Pro Tips video, MusicTech expert Jono Buchanan demonstrates how the often-overlooked Marquee Tool can quickly select, split and duplicate sections, repeat sections and more.

In our Logic Tips series, MusicTech Logic guru Jono Buchanan explains the music production process on Apple’s professional DAW. We have over 50 episodes covering topics such as:

Jono Buchanan is an Apple Certified instructor, with years of experience under his belt. As well as being a professor in Guildhall’s Electronic Music Department, he’s also a producer and media composer, and a trusted writer for MusicTech magazine.

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