Learn how Logic Pro X’s Drum Machine Designer can help you make huge beats

Jono Buchanan shows you everything you need to know about the flexible drum device in Logic Pro X.

Logic Pro x drum machine designer

It’s not easy to find a drummer, mic up a drum kit and record a stellar beat while you’re in the middle of laying down an idea in a creative flow. Drum machines can help you out here, either acting as a fill-in before you get to the recording stage or as your main drum part. In this week’s Logic Pro Tips video, Jono Buchana shows you how to master Logic Pro X’s Drum Machine Designer. The versatile device can bring in sounds from Drum Synth and Quick Sampler to create your own custom drum machine. Jono shows you how to switch pad sounds, use global controls, save kits and mix individual elements within Track Stacks.

In our Logic Pro Tips series, MusicTech’s Logic expert Jono Buchanan breaks down music production on Apple’s professional DAW. Other episodes posted so far include:

Jono Buchanan is an Apple Certified instructor, with tons of experience under his belt. He’s a professor in Guildhall’s Electronic Music Department, teaching BMus Year 2 Dance Music project for Electronic Music’s Principal study course. Outside of that, he also produces and composes for various projects and writes reviews for MusicTech magazine too. He now also makes awesome weekly tutorials for Logic Pro X!

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