SampleScience drops its latest 80s-inspired instrument, VHS Dreamwaves

The independent software developer continues its quest to revive lo-fi sounds

SampleScience VHS Dreamwaves

It feels like we’re writing about new SampleScience products on a weekly basis at the moment. Well, that’s probably because we almost have been. The brand has been consistently churning out VHS-era inspired instruments over the last few months, with a distinct focus on tones found in vaporwave and lo-fi genres. VHS Dreamwaves is, evidently, no different to the rest of SampleScience’s collection.

VHS Dreamwaves is a plug-in that’s inspired by “the ambient/atmospheric side of vaporwave and chillwave”, according to the software developer. The software instrument packs 40 different sounds, all recorded on VHS and post-processed, totalling 1.5GB of audio content. This includes “ghostly VHS tones, softly degraded keys, hypnagogic sound beds, and wobbly synth leads”, SampleScience adds. Take a listen below.

As with all other plug-ins from the company, VHS Dreamwave sports a multi-LFO, low-/high-pass filter, amp envelopes, multi-voice modes and preamp/glide/legato. The ROMpler is available in VST, VST3 and AU formats for Windows and macOS High Sierra and Mojave only. At just $24, it could be a no-brainer for producers on the hunt for wobbly, atmospheric sounds.

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