Have all of Daft Punk’s Face To Face samples finally been discovered?

One YouTuber may have found them all…

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Daft Punk

Image: Chelsea Lauren / Getty Images

Daft Punk’s 2001 track Face To Face features a lot of samples. Over the years, musicians and producers have been trying to track down all of the original sources for each one – has the plunderphonic puzzle finally been solved?

One YouTube user under the name of undrtune may have finally pieced all of the samples together, having shared a final update video of the journey to tracking each sample used. “Thanks to all sample hunters and Le Phunk for the sample breakdown,” reads the video’s description.

Todd Edwards, the famed producer and vocalist who worked with Daft Punk on the 2001 track, as well as 2013’s Fragments Of Time, has previously said that there were 70 samples used across the song and fans have struggled to locate all of them.

In undrtune’s videos, the user plays through each sample in Ableton Live, sharing its source next to it. Undrtune’s most recent sample tracking update of Face To Face before this recent instalment came three years ago.

You can check out the “Final Update” video below.

Another YouTube user, known as ‘the’, has uploaded a video showing you how to recreate the Discovery deep cut in 32 minutes. It, too, is an impressively close recreation of Daft Punk’s original.

In 2016, Todd Edwards gave fans a helping hand by showcasing some of the samples in isolation, followed by their positions in the final sequence. Posting to Instagram, he said that he was “re-creating the sample arrangement of Daft Punk’s and my collab of Face To Face for a discussion about their album Discovery…”

Edwards had previously branded his collaboration with Daft Punk for Fragments Of Time as “life-changing.”

“And I’m not being dramatic,” he explained on Apple Music 1 with Zane Lowe. “It started a new journey in my life and it wasn’t intentionally like, ‘oh, they saved me!’ but it definitely had a major impact.”

He later added that he had foreseen the band’s split in 2021: “I wasn’t shocked by the news because it’s again, I know them on a personal level, so I know the inner workings of… There’s the friendships there. It’s almost like when you think about it, it’s like a partnership can be like a marriage to a certain extent.

“And you have your ups and downs, and it’s just like if the chemistry isn’t there anymore, if it’s just not that you’re not melding together the way you used to, that it’s better to not force something and then come out with something that you feel is sub-par, than to just make it finite.”


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