IK Multimedia launches daily livestream with an Amplitube 4 walkthrough 

Featuring tutorials, interviews and giveaways. 

IK Multimedia Amplitube 4

IK Multimedia, maker of the popular Amplitube 4 plug-in, has started a daily livestream that aims to keep its community connected. The interactive sessions will be streamed on YouTube and Instagram and will feature tutorials, interviews and product giveaways.

The first stream in the IK Live series, which is available to view now, gives an in-depth rundown of Amplitube 4 with tips and tricks for users. The first of the IK Tech Talks Live Streams features shows off everything from licensed Mesa Boogie heads, to fuzz pedals to a full-on Leslie cab simulator.

Amplitube 4 is described by the company as a “guitar and bass tone studio”. It features a huge assortment of digitally emulated amp and speaker combinations, guitar effects, and some smart features to simulate studio recording.

You can watch the first episode here:

Thursday’s stream – which will be hosted on Instagram – will showcase IK Multimedia’s Amplitube Brian May which accurately mimics the Queen guitar player’s rig.

For more information, visit ikmultimedia.com and IK’s Instagram account.

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