Spotify’s in-app karaoke feature reportedly spotted on the Mac app

Users might soon be able to sing along to their favourite Spotify tracks with vocal-less versions of songs.

Spotify 'Karaoke' Mode

Image: amethysts via Reddit

A Reddit user has allegedly discovered a new ‘Sing Along’ feature on Spotify’s Mac app, along with adjustable vocal levels.

User amethysts has shared an image onto the truespotify subreddit this morning (22 November) with a brief caption in the post’s title: “Spotify Sing Along feature settings (in lyrics view)”.

The image shows a toggle option between ‘Off’, ‘More Vocal’, and ‘Less Vocal’ under a Sing Along tab. Perhaps echoing what most are curious about, one user commented on the post, asking: “what do the ‘more vocal’ & ‘less vocal’ buttons do? do they literally try and remove/amplify the vocals in songs?”

If true, the feature appears to be taken from Musixmatch which used to offer a vocals removal feature that has since been discontinued. This makes sense considering the music data company is also Spotify’s partner for the app’s real-time synchronised lyrics feature, which was recently rolled out globally following its introduction in June 2020 in selected regions.

Trusted reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong also claimed in a tweet last year that Spotify was working on an in-app karaoke feature.

The same ‘more vocal’ and ‘less vocal’ options could be seen in Wong’s screenshots.

As of now, Spotify has not commented about a karaoke mode on its platform, though a recent patent filed by Spotify for a “Karaoke Query Processing System” seems to signal that the streaming giant is indeed headed in this direction.