Spitfire’s Tape Percussion explores Afro-percussion through the lens of dub and free jazz

The Nok Cultural Ensemble laid down an exciting collection of percussions for the pack at Ariwa Sound studios.

Spitfire Tape Percussion

Image: Spitfire Audio

Spitfire’s latest sample library takes a dive into Afro-percussion tradition, as experienced through the lens of dub methods and free jazz. Here’s what we know about Tape Percussion.

Performed by the Nok Cultural Ensemble (NCE), the library includes five one-shot jazz kits; six one-shot African percussion presets; eight Caribbean and dub-inspired drum loops; 69 atmospheric scenes, and 13 tonal warped presets.

Here’s the breakdown of the sounds on offer…

Full Kits: Accurately captured drum hits from five distinct acoustic and electronic kits
Kit Loops: Tempo-synced drum loops, in the style of Caribbean and dub, fanned out across the keyboard
Percussion: A variety of African and Caribbean percussion instruments
Atmosphere: An experimental mix-up of kits and percussions, performed live and edited to loops
Tonal Warps: Melodic and abstract, these warped and distorted hits and loops demonstrate the NCE’s “vision for a melodic, rhythmic future”.

Tape Percussion also offers five controls to adjust and finish your sound, including a slider to introduce a Processed Signal with live effects from Ariwa Studios.

There’s also a reverb control with seven impulse responses ranging from short rooms and studios to large churches and halls. Attack and Release controls let you fine-tune samples to their desired lengths and a Tape Saturation knob lets you add more analogue character to sounds.

The NCE is a collective led by Edward Wakili-Hick and comprises some of the brightest percussionists in London’s eclectic jazz and beat scenes. The ensemble itself has roots in Nigeria, Mauritius, St Kitts & Nevis, UK and Ireland, and their sound is an exploration of their experiences growing up in the African/Caribbean diaspora of the UK.

Tape Percussions is NKS-ready, but can be operated independently through Spitfire’s own plug-in interface.

Stay tuned for demos and information on pricing and availability.

Learn more at spitfireaudio.com


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