The future of turntables? Pioneer DJ launches hybrid PLX-CRSS12

Analogue and digital modes at the flick of a switch, a sturdy adjustable Magvel clamp and tone-arm-free DVS control. Pioneer DJ may have just smashed it out of the park

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Pioneer DJ PLX CRSS12

Pioneer DJ

Pioneer DJ has launched a professional digital-analogue hybrid turntable aimed at vinyl DJs, and digital-analogue turntablists alike. It’s called the PLX-CRSS12.

While competitors such as RANE, Phase and Denon have dipped their toes into the world of DVSs (Digital Vinyl Systems) previously, PLX-CRSS12 is Pioneer’s stride into a new phase of hybrid DJing.

Why is this new digital turntable so special? Well, firstly, it’s the first-ever digital turntable to be made by the world’s leading DJ tech brand.

Secondly, the PLX-CRSS12 is the first turntable to allow both analogue and digital playback and thirdly, it has both tone-arm-free DVS control and a Magvel clamp, making it easier to scratch.

Pioneer DJ PLX CRSS12
Pioneer DJ

By simply flicking a switch between analogue and digital, you can use the turntable in two ways. Analogue mode lets you use real vinyl records. The digital mode, however, lets you lay down your control vinyl (blank vinyl record emulation made for DVS) and play music from your digital collection in Serato or Rekordbox.

When in digital mode, the tonearm can rest in its holder, thanks to the PLX-CRSS12’s tone-arm-free DVS control ability. Without a tonearm, pesky needle skips are eliminated. This, along with a Magvel clamp that securely holds the vinyl and allows for direct control of digital music files during scratching, makes things sturdier for turntablists.

You can adjust the weight setting of the clamp and, via a nifty high-contrast OLED display, adjust the turntable’s torque settings. Here, you can also see the current track’s BPM, tempo range, key, deck number, and software name. Break speed adjustment is found externally on the side of the unit with three position switch.

Built-in MIDI-mappable Performance Pads below the platter offer quick access to favorite features, programmable for Hot Cues, samples, and more.

Talking of pads, Serato and Rekordbox’s stem separation technology is available to use These are selected via pads below the platter. This means you can play specific elements of your track, be it the bass, the melody, the drums or the vocal either in groups or by themselves.

Watch the PLX-CRSS12 in action, showcased by 2013 DMC Online World Champion, turntablist and producer Jon1st, below:

We asked Jon1st about what excited him most about the turntable. He said: “For me, it’s how intuitive the wireless clamp technology is to use, how sturdy it is locked onto the record and how reliable the tracking with it is. Plus, having MIDI pads available means if I’m in a situation where these are available and a DVS mixer isn’t, I’ll be able to use cue points and new features like stems from the turntable.

“My current setup is these paired with the DJM S11 mixer, and the MIDI pads mean I can have the turntables set to stems mode and keep cues active on my mixer, which makes things really streamlined for me.

Pioneer DJ’s PLX-CRSS12 is expected to be available in September 2023 and will cost around $1,399.

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