Meet Flow, a generative sequencer which uses algorithms to break free of “conventional” sequencing

Make your sequences as straightforward or as unpredictable as you like…

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Orthogonal has launched a generative, non-linear MIDI sequencer for Ableton Live called Flow. The sequencer uses algorithms to break free of “conventional” sequencing for “infinitely long” and varying musical patterns.

Flow utilises the concept of a “parallel hierarchical probabilistic state machine” which may sound confusing, but Orthogonal has broken down exactly what this means.

“Flow is based on a simple but powerful idea: a state machine. Think of it like a musical heart that pumps out beats and melodies,” says the brand. “You can define trigger states that contain musical notes or modulation values, and configure transitions between these states – as opposed to arranging musical events on a fixed grid.”

To simplify, you can feed Flow different musical rules such as “a G chord is followed by an Am chord,” or  “a loud hi-hat note is followed by a soft note, which is followed by loud.”

Users can let Flow generate sequences as simply or as random as they like by using looser terminology in their rules. Using probabilistic terms such as “usually” or “often”, sequences can become much more unpredictable. “The G chord is usually followed by the Am chord, but sometimes, it may be followed by the C chord,” is a given example of this by the brand.

You can also organise the state machines in a hierarchical manner, and you can also use four parallel independent sequencer parts that can run simultaneously. This means users are able to split their patterns into polyrhythmic sections which can behave independently and complement each other.

View the video below to see it in use:

You can purchase Flow now for $39 (excluding VAT) via Orthogonal. This is a one-time payment, and further updates will be free.


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