All of Dillon Bastan’s Max For Live tools are now free to download in one giant bundle

The perfect Max For Live starter pack has arrived.

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Dillon Bastan, the developer whose name you’d be hard pressed to miss in the Max For Live community, has released a free, all-in-one bundle containing the full collection of his free M4L devices.

For the uninitiated, Max For Live is an integrated environment in Ableton Live that offers a wide range of creative tools, including synths, samplers, effects, and experimental MIDI generators.

Given the buckloads of devices – both free and commercial – available to choose from, the world of M4L can be pretty overwhelming if you’re new to the game. Here’s how Bastan’s latest release comes in, as it offers a great starting point for all you rookies out there looking to foray into the weird and wonderful world of M4L.

The package, which arrives as a single, downloadable bundle, features all 10 of Bastan’s free M4L devices. They include:

  • Fractal filters: a 50-band filterbank that uses a visualisation of Julia Set fractals
  • Strange Mod: a device that uses Strange or Chaotic Attractors to produce a moving 3D coordinate
  • Cellular Degradation: a polyphonic tone generator that combines cellular automation
  • Swarmalators T: a swarm synthesizer device
  • Swarmalators N: a swarm MIDI generator device
  • Spectral Attractors: a device that uses a physics simulation and a phase vocoder
  • Screaming Janus: a device comprising a simulation of Janus Bunch Oscillators and a corresponding bank of brutal oscillators.
  • Markov Variations: a tool to transition between Ableton Live variations using Markov Chains
  • Logistic Mod: a modulator device that uses the logistic equation for modelling population growth
  • Image2Wavetable: a tool that turns an image into a wavetable to be used by Live’s wavetable (and others).

Download the full bundle from Dillon Bastan’s website.


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