Arturia’s new dual-engine Dist COLDFIRE plugin provides “near-infinite” distortion possibilities

There are 11 analogue and digital distortion type, from warm tube saturation to digital bit crushing

Arturia Dist COLDFIRE

Arturia has announced a new dual-engine distortion effect plugin, Dist COLDFIRE.

The plugin is a custom distortion tool combining a range of analogue-style and digital algorithms with modulation. It includes saturation, crunch and destruction controls to provide a “near-infinite” amount of distortion possibilities, according to the French software developer.

There are 11 distortion types that can be applied and combined through filters A and B. These types range from “emulated tube heat” to creative “icy digital bit crush”.

Within Dist COLDFIRE are six analogue-style distortion types: Tape adds tape-style saturation; Tube is a valve-style distortion that is “rich in harmonics”; Transistor emulates a classic echo box best known for its excellent response to guitar riffs; Transformer is a “nuanced distortion created by magnetic hysteresis”; Germanium is a famous distortion made using Germanium diode amps; and Force is based on “classic outboard gear”, providing gentle saturation to “roaring overdrive”.

Digital algorithms include the Rectifier type, which reshapes a waveform’s negative phase to imitate its harmonic tones, while the Bit Crusher gives sounds a harsh, robotic flavour. Bit Inverter modulates a signal’s bit content in real time, and Wavefolder and Waveshaper focus on changing the shape of a waveform completely.

You can change the routing of the effects in five ways – Serial, Parallel, Stereo, Mid/Side and Band Split – while a routing balance slider lets you blends the distortions in the A and B panels, with a real time visualiser to help.

In terms of modulation, Dist COLDFIRE has six assignable modulation slots allowing sounds to go wild directions of distortion – “sonic carnage” as Arturia puts it. You can pick from syncable LFO, multi-stage function generator, custom envelope follower, or a 16-step sequencer.

Also, the plugin includes an advanced control panel that, when selected, gives extra options for more accurate sound design.

The dual engine feature of the plugin allows for the creation of “resonant metallic melodies, introduce artificial harmonic reflections, trigger wildly destructive feedback loops”, Arturia says, promising full on unique experimentation for its users. It also allows for A/B comparisons.

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