Acustica Audio launches Lava plugin offering 140 classic mic emulations

It allows you to re-create the sounds of vintage and rare microphones using any old mic lying around at home or in your studio space.

Acustica Audio Lava plugin blue and magenta background

Acustica Audio has unveiled its new software plugin, Lava, which allows users to access recreations of the classic tones and characteristics of over 140 microphones (100 source mics plus 41 destination mics).

The plugin is said to accurately recreate the sounds of the selection of classic mics on offer, with modelling of parameters such as the microphone’s response, harmonic content and proximity effect. There are even some rare, vintage and fairly pricey microphones to use via Lava’s library. Its website claims you’ll be able to access the sounds of microphones costing up to $170,000.

As it’s software-only, you’ll need your own mic for recording. Lava will then work its magic into making it sound like an emulation of your choosing. All you’ll need to do is select the mic you’re already using from a drop-down menu and then select which you’d like it to sound like.

The interface hosts controls for elements such as gain, low pass filter, wet/dry mix and a slider for adjusting the microphone distance, ranging from 25 to 50 centimetres. In addition to the standard version, there is an alternative version that offers zero latency, therefore using more processing power, according to Acustica Audio.

You can check out the demo video below for a deeper look into Lava:

Acustica Audio as a company claims to “give you the DNA of the most iconic studio machines ever manufactured” through its products. In 2020, it launched the Erin mastering suite – three plugins that draw inspiration from studio hardware produced by Esoteric Audio Research. These included a five-band stereo tube EQ, a stereo tube compressor/limiter and a mid-range tube EQ.

Lava is available now for download from the Acustica Audio website at an introductory price of €129, rising to €209 after 11 October. You can find out more and get your hands on it via


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