Learn to create tempo changes within your Logic Pro X project

For composers, tempo changes are critical for hitting cue points and creating tension.

Logic Pro X Tempo Changes

Making tempo changes within a track is a classic technique for creating tension and getting experimental. One of the most popular examples is John Williams’ Jaws theme – an eerily slow, hair-raising tempo shift that still gets the heart racing after 45 years since its premiere. Logic Pro X has a wealth of tools to help you achieve the same results in your composition.

In this week’s Logic Pro Tips video, Jono Buchanan demonstrates the various ways in which you can apply tempo changes in your project. He also shows you how to cleverly implement them into your piece and apply tempo ramps for a gradual change.

In our Logic Tips series, MusicTech Logic guru Jono Buchanan explains the music production process on Apple’s professional DAW. We have over 50 episodes covering topics such as:

Jono Buchanan is an Apple Certified instructor, with years of experience under his belt. As well as being a professor in Guildhall’s Electronic Music Department, he’s also a producer and media composer, and a trusted writer for MusicTech magazine.

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