Orchid is W.A Production’s “chorus on steroids”

Four chorus modules add immense depth to your sounds.

“This is chorus on steroids”, plug-in developer W.A Productions claims. With Orchid, the brand aims to go above and beyond the usual expectations of a chorus plug-in, processing feedback with reverb, delay, shimmer, spread and filtering. Plus, Orchid will quadruple your audio signal, as opposed to doubling it like many other chorus plug-ins do, adding serious width to your sounds.

Orchid is inspired by the rich sounds of the 80s, with a pleasing amount of control over your audio. Some settings are applied to each of the four chorus modules individually, which can result in intriguing phased and comb-filtered effects. Speed, depth and feedback controls are onboard to fine-tune the character and intensity of the chorus, with a spread control for adjusting the stereo width.

The Shimmer effect adds up to two octaves above the original sound, adding new top-end harmonics with a slow phasing effect. A Space knob immediately adds reverb to each individual chorus effect. An adjustable delay can give you a tail of up to 100ms, while the high and low-pass filter knobs will let you quickly sculpt your audio.

A central display will give you visual feedback on how you’re affecting the signal in realtime, for accurate monitoring at every turn of a dial. Mix, Mute Source, bypass, input and output dials will give you control over the chorus ratio and volume, plus letting you quickly A/B the processing.

Orchid’s preset collection will give you a pleasing amount of starting points for quick inspiration, all categories into distinct instrumentation. There’s also a range of special effects presets, mimicking comb-filtering and phase processing.

W.A Production’s Orchid is available in VST, AU and AAX at an introductory price of $7.90. Find out more at waproduction.com

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