Softube’s Chandler Limited plug-in could be your new trusty companion.

Germanium Compressor is a versatile plug-in that can replace multiple plug-ins within a signal chain.

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Softube Chandler Limited Germanium Compressor

Softube has released a software emulation of the Chandler Limited Germanium Compressor, which the developer says is a “highly versatile mojo machine”. Designed for musicians, producers, recording engineers and audio creatives of all kinds, the meticulous model offers more than just dynamic compression.

Germanium Compressor was engineered with an ear for music rather than mathematics, with ratio settings not tuned by arithmetic, but by ear. The plug-in was compared in Softube’s lab with the real hardware machine to ensure the preservation of Germanium’s unique characteristics. The ratio dial takes you from less to more, rather than fixing on especially precise numerical values, with artistically inspiring knee settings. These settings are named after the different combo of diodes which achieve each colour of curve.

You’re given the option between ‘clean’ or ‘dirty’ compression thanks to the implementation of FET gain reduction, making the compressor capable of fast and heavily-saturating compression. You’ll always hear different degrees of natural harmonic excitement from Germanium and you get a huge amount of Total Harmonic Distortion in the plug-in.

Chandler Germanium compressor

The speed of Germanium’s operation is easily configurable, with attack and release times capable of combining to achieve an extremely musical effect. Make your drums punch through the mix by easing off the attack, and give your vocals and bass creamy, smooth tones by slowing the release down.

Any track that is run through Germanium will benefit from the drive and feedback from the output, which Softube describes as “the real secret sauce”. The gain circuit can gently affect the signal or decimate it, searing it into submission. Mid/Side processing and External Sidechain are present in Softube’s Germanium Compressor, opening up more creative options to make your mixes sound better than ever.

Softube claims that “All the character, the musicality, the fun of the original hardware Germanium Compressor from Chandler Limited is right here. Whatever flavour of music you’re making, add this sound to the recipe”.

Chandler Limited Germanium Compressor is currently on offer at €199. Find out more at

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