SampleScience drops Four EP, another free virtual instrument

If you’re in need of a simple electric keyboard plug-in, check out the brand’s latest freebie

SampleScience Four EP

Independent software developer SampleScience has released Four EP, a free virtual instrument featuring four electric piano sounds.

Four EP’s sounds were created using additive and FM synthesis, with each tone being sampled at multiple velocities. As shown in the video below, this plug-in is incredibly easy to use, with parameters to control the amplitude envelope, LFO depth and rate, low-pass filter cutoff and reverb mix. The LFO can modulate pitch, amplitude and pan, for more motion in your electric piano performances.

Unfortunately for Apple users, though, this 64-bit VST plug-in is only available on Windows. It’s unlikely the developer will make this available for macOS, but if you’re in need of some more free virtual instruments, you can check out our freeware section.

The Canadian company regularly outputs free and affordable software, releasing more than a dozen virtual instruments in 2020, and is constantly cropping up on our radar. Just last week, it made a collection of free drum samples available on its site, combining electronic and acoustic drums. It’s certainly worth browsing their catalogue to see if anything piques your interest.

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