Retrokits RK-006 may look small, but it’s packed with connectivity options

The USB MIDI Interface / USB Host is just the size of a matchbox.

Retrokits RK006 1400x1050

Retrokits claim to have developed “the most compact and powerful USB MIDI Interface”, with connectivity for both desktop and mobile audio. The RK-006 has 10 MIDI Out ports and 2 isolated MIDI In buses, making it capable of merging controllers to 10×16 individual addressable MIDI channels.

Each of the ports can be configured to send run/stop or gate trigger signals, allowing you to combine MIDI with devices such as the TE Pocket Operator or DINsync equipment. There is also a tapped tempo master, clock modifications as well as channel filter on each out-port, designed to fix up any issues with MIDI connection.

The RK-006 can be utilised without the need for a DAW, with a five-volt USB adapter being the only thing required to get it up and running.

Lastly, the RK-006 can be connected to an ACA USB hub to host and interconnect USB-MIDI devices and play SMF MIDI files straight from a USB stick. “This is…erh…a BIG DEAL” says Retrokits.

The RK-006 USB MIDI Hub is set to be available this winter, with more info at


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