Laidback Luke responds to YouTuber who “became a professional DJ to prove that it’s easy”

Cody Ko admits that certain aspects of his original video amounted to a “fuck up” on his part.

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Image: John Parra/Getty Image / YouTube

Laidback Luke has “critiqued” YouTuber Cody Ko’s video where he attempts to prove that becoming a pro DJ is easy.

In Ko’s original video, titled I became a professional DJ to prove that it’s easy, Ko jokes that because Shaquille O’Neal and Paris Hilton became DJs, he should be able to as well. Of course, Ko had the benefit of already having an established following, a good friend in renowned EDM act Dillon Francis, and the budget to splash out on high-end Pioneer DJ gear. It’s not a bad leg-up.

However, as Luke explains, it’s not that clear-cut. “I do know that Shaq started djing in 1998 so it’s always been there for him, and I know that Paris Hilton really, really loves EDM and dance music – but it’s interesting to think how it evolves.”

Ko later responded in another video that he made a mistake calling it “easy”.

“That’s the one thing I got really wrong about the video,” Cody Ko admits. “I didn’t do enough research into Shaq’s history with music and DJing. He’s been doing it for a long time, people really respect him. I used him as an example of someone that did something else and just transitioned to DJing, but I didn’t realise he’d been doing it for a long time and he has a long history in the music scene. That was kind of a fuck up on my part.”

“One of the biggest critiques I got from DJs about this video, is that it’s really not that easy for them to get gigs,” he continues. “Obviously if you’re someone that has a name you can just book a gig, and it was something I was trying to prove.

“I do understand the criticism of a budding DJ who is just trying to get booked and doing sets at random bars and parties and trying to build their name up that they would be pissed that I just call someone up and book a gig.”

You can watch the full video below:


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