Watch how nine artists produce in Made In Ableton Live video series

Artists give step-by-step explanations on their production approach and Live workflow.

Made In Ableton Live

Image: Ableton

Ableton’s newly launched video tutorial series, Made In Ableton Live explores the creative process of nine distinct artists – taking an in-depth look at their various approaches towards production, from beat making and vocal processing to sound design.

According to Ableton, each tutorial will have something to offer music-makers of just about any skill level, with step-by-step explanations from each artist on their unique technique.

“You can see how LA-based producer Bad Snacks slices a live take from her electric violin to get a vibe going,” said Ableton. “Or how techno artist Eomac creates a full-frequency sound palette from field recordings made on his phone.”

Adding on to Bad Snacks and Eomac, other producers and DJs serving up knowledge in the series include Rachel K Collier, Abayomi, Keychee, Novaa, Underbelly, Anna Disclaim and Fredric Joachim.

In each roughly 20-minute tutorial, music-makers also get to learn methods that may improve their workflow on Ableton Live – ranging from signal chain shortcuts to inventive audio routing.

Take a look at Bad Snacks’ episode, where she discusses creative approaches to panning, lo-fi processing and bringing warmth, vibrancy and character to her creations.

Check out all nine videos in the Made In Ableton Live series, here.

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