Reverb goes green with carbon offset shipping scheme

The company will invest in carbon-absorbing projects to offset emissions from shipping operations.

reverb carbon offset scheme promo

Image: Reverb

Reverb has launched an eco-conscious scheme to offset all of its shipping-related carbon emissions by investing in three carbon-absorbing projects.

Starting on 22 April (Earth Day), the company will be making investments toward forest conservation projects in order to balance out its shipping-related carbon emissions.

The offset investments – which will be made by Reverb’s parent company, Etsy, comes at no additional cost to customers. According to Reverb, a similar scheme put forth by Etsy last February has since resulted in the offset of more than 173,000 metric tons of CO2.

Here are the three conservation projects that Reverb aims to support:

  • The Madre De Dios Amazon project in Peru, which protects Brazilian rosewood and mahogany trees, in addition to vulnerable indigenous flora and fauna.
  • The Floresta de Portel project in Para, Brazil, which guards the Coração de Negro Swartzia and Jacaranda Copaia forests, of which both are known to produce music instrument wood.
  • UPM Blandin Native American Hardwoods Project in Minnesota, USA, which protects close to 20 million trees of native and mixed hardwood forests.

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