Waves Audio launches certified audio training program powered by its own plug-ins

The program offers eight courses spanning hip-hop mixing to sound design for video.

Waves Audio Essential Courses

Image: Waves

Waves has launched an audio training program powered by video tutorials and the brand’s own range of plug-ins. The Waves Audio Essentials Courses cover eight different subjects, which you can get certified for upon completion by Waves.

Six of the courses focus on mixing, while the other two tackle audio for content creators and sound design for video, respectively. Each course comprises video tutorials, multi-track sessions files for hands-on practice and exams to test your knowledge.

The 140 video tutorials have a run-time of about 12 hours in total. You’ll also be able to purchase each course with or without the plug-ins featured in them – so if you already own the ones you need, you can avoid doing a double purchase.

See the full list of Waves Audio Essentials Courses below:

  • Waves Mixing Foundations
  • The Essentials of Hip-Hop Mixing
  • The Essentials of Vocal Mixing
  • Audio Mastering Essentials
  • The Essentials of Pop/EDM Mixing
  • The Essentials of Rock Mixing
  • Better Audio for Content Creators
  • Video Sound Design & Post-production

The Waves Audio Essentials Courses range from $50 to $70 a pop, minus plug-ins. There’s also a bundle deal that takes 10 per cent off if you purchase any four courses.

In other Waves news, we recently scoped out Vocal Bender, a monophonic voice manipulator that focuses on popular effects as heard across hip-hop, pop, EDM, R&B and more. You can read our full review of that, here.

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