Superbooth 2022: Eventide Audio’s Misha promises to reinvent sequencing as you know it

The 28HP module is expected to arrive this summer

Eventide Misha

Image: Eventide

Superbooth 2022: Eventide Audio has unveiled a brand new Eurorack instrument-sequencer combo that promises an innovative approach to melodic composition and performance.

Named Misha, the module uses what Eventide touts as a “unique, interval-based approach to playing and creating melodies;” using intervals instead of notes as the primary basis of its control across 100 factory scales and up to 100 user scales. It also promises a tone row-based sequencer, inspired by the classic serialist compositional method pioneered by Arnold Schoenberg.

Remarkably, as well as MIDI and CV outputs Misha has an audio output with its own oscillator; suggesting a multidimensional approach to sequencing with the inclusion of its own sounds alongside other sound sources— as well as the potential for modulating or sync-ing with other oscillators.

Eventide says of the module, “[Misha] is designed to be played like a keyboard instrument and yet it makes music in a way unlike any instrument before it. In addition to playing it live, you can also record sequences that can be modified in a multitude of ways, allowing for new paths of spontaneous creativity.”

At 28HP Misha is modestly sized for a mountable sequencer, yet promises plenty of performability with spaciously laid out buttons and a generously-sized colour screen. Eventide promises “comprehensive control of sequence playback to easily manipulate and expand upon your musical ideas,” with up to 18 user presents, four user-assignable buttons and external control templates for MIDI and even QWERTY keyboards.

See Misha in action at Superbooth below:

Misha is slated to arrive summer 2022, retailing at $599. For more information and to sign up for notifications, head to


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