Sonos will combat climate change by making its devices more energy-efficient and repairable

Sonos x Sustainability is a relationship we can get behind.

Sonos Sustainability Climate Change

Image: Sonos

Sonos has announced that it will take some big steps towards reducing environmental impact by making its devices more energy-efficient and improving repairability.

With its Climate Action Plan, Sonos aims to be carbon neutral by 2030 and achieve net zero by 2040.

A key driver of Sonos’ environmental goals is their Product Sustainability Program, which seeks to improve energy efficiency of their products, given that “more than three quarters of Sonos’ carbon emissions can be attributed to the energy consumed during each product’s lifecycle”.

There will be a focus on idle and sleep states to reduce idle power consumption, such as in the new Sonos Roam speaker. This feature will be implemented across Sonos’ portable device range first and by 2023, all new Sonos products will include a sleep mode. Ultimately, the goal will be to achieve a power consumption of less than 2 watts for its entire portfolio.

Great news for those of you who often find your speakers’ batteries draining because you forget to turn them off.

To increase product longevity, Sonos’ upcoming Design for Disassembly Program will also be incorporated into all of its new speakers and components, starting in 2023. This includes changes like using fasteners instead of adhesives, making it easier for users to take the devices apart. And when a product is eventually in need of repair or disposal, Sonos will try to enable refurbishment or recycling where possible.

More importantly, the company promised to “continue to improve software solutions that will keep older products in use for longer”, a major plus for those of us who like our gadgets ancient.

Learn more about Sonos’ sustainability goals at


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