Røde Connect lets you run four NT-USB Minis at once on one computer

The free recording platform is targeted at streamers and podcasters

Røde Connect

Image: Røde

Røde has rolled out a free simple recording platform for owners of the NT-USB Mini microphones. Røde Connect lets you connect up to four microphones to a single computer and is aimed at streamers and podcasters.

Røde Connect offers a straightforward way to connect multiple USB microphones with no complex routing needed. There are also additional channels, one for adding music and soundbites to the session, and another for integrating with apps such as Skype and Zoom.

Users can also access each microphone’s onboard DSP independently. Along with a noise gate and compressor, you also get Aphex Aural Exciter, for enhancing highs and Big Bottom for enriching lows.

There are virtual faders, metering and mute controls, along with markers to keep track of parts you might want to return to in post. For streamers, there are dedicated output controls for apps such as OBS and Xplit, making it simple to get audio from one place to another for a session.

Check out a video walkthrough of Røde Connect below:

The Røde NT-USB Mini features a high-quality condenser capsule with RF shielding and “excellent capsule isolation,” according to the brand. It’s built offers a cardioid polar pattern and features a built-in pop filter for reducing plosives.

Røde Connect is available for Mac and Windows at no charge. Meanwhile, the Røde NT-USB Mini is priced at £72/$99 each.

Learn more at Rode.com


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