Plugin Boutique launches Scaler EQ plugin, which enhances note frequencies in key with your song

It also cuts note frequencies that aren’t in key.

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Scaler EQ plugin screenshot. It shows piano keys at the top with a range of dials at the bottom. A wave form is in the middle of the screen.

Image: Plugin Boutique

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Plugin Boutique has announced the release of a brand new Scaler EQ plugin for PC and Mac. The new product follows on from the award-winning Scaler music theory plugin, and offers “the world’s first in-key EQ.”

Scaler EQ enhances only note frequencies in key with your song, and reduces only the frequencies that aren’t. It also uses unique Magic Shelf bands for “punchier low ends and smoother highs.”

Its key detection lets users automatically capture the key of their music through audio or MIDI.  It has Harmonic Peak and ‘Plus/Minus’ filter types so you can perform a boost on only frequencies that are in-key with your set scale. You can also make a cut with the same band, and it will reduce only the out-of-key frequencies.

To aid with mixing, it can also be set to cut in-key frequencies too. Plugin Boutique says by using its in-key EQ, you’ll get “warmer lows and sweeter highs when boosting”, while out-of-key cuts will lead to “clearer, more focused bass and less harsh highs that retain their musicality.”

Scaler EQ also offers unique Magic Shelf bands. By boosting a Magic Shelf in the bass region, it will work harder on the band’s mid signal than on the side information. When reducing the level of that bass Magic Shelf to make a cut, you’ll cut the side signal more than the mid information.

Each band or shelf can also be set to Dynamic mode, which helps to soothe boosts and cut with dynamic compression and expansion, set with Threshold, Ratio, Attack and Release controls.

Take a closer look in the video below:

Scaler EQ is currently retailing for £49 GBP. Find out more at Plugin Boutique.


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