Could Platinum Notes 10 by Mixed In Key improve the quality of your mixes?

The tool enhances and normalises your songs through processing, has a built-in file format converter, offers advanced tagging options and accurate key recognition.

Mixed In Key Platinum Notes 10

Credit: Mixed In Key

Mixed In Key has launched Platinum Notes 10, the tenth version of its DJ-focussed file enhancing and organising tool.

Platinum Notes is a software application tailored for DJing and audio mixing, aiming to enhance music file quality. It analyses your audio tracks and employs audio processing techniques to improve sound quality. Notably, it offers advanced features like precise key recognition, pitch correction for harmonic mixing, loudness normalisation, file tagging, and format conversion, which go beyond what traditional DJ software like Rekordbox, Traktor, or Serato provides.

The new Platinum Notes 10 has a revamped, more modern interface and builds on the features of its previous editions, now providing more advanced audio processing, more software integration capabilities, track overwriting and advanced tagging options.

The plugin’s audio processing now uses technology from Kilohearts, a plugin developer that specialises in boosting audio with processing plugins such as EQs and multi-effect plugins.

You can now also overwrite existing songs rather than having duplicate files. This means you no longer need to replace tracks within your DJ software and keeps the workflow streamlined. This feature is optional and you can still keep the original files while creating a new version. If you overwrite, Platinum Notes 10 will keep a backup of your collection so you can always revert.

Something else that’s new to Platinum Notes is the ability to automatically match input and output audio file formats. This is useful if you have a variety of audio formats, such as MP3, WAV, and AIFF in the same library.

Tagging has also been improved so for most audio file formats, all of the metadata and cover art will now be retained for any new version you export from Platinum Notes 10.

Mixed In Key is not the only software developer to have created a nifty DJ tool recently. In September, DJ Studio 2.0 was released, a “DAW for DJs” that uses AI to create mixes for you. It integrates with popular DJ software, syncs music libraries, arranges tracks by BPM and key, and automates mix creation with harmonic intelligence. You can fine-tune transitions, save presets, and export to Mixcloud, YouTube, or Ableton Live.

Mixed In Key’s Platinum Notes 10 software is available to buy now for $98. Find it at Mixed In Key.


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