Erica Synths releases three new Pico modules

Unveiled at Superbooth, the BBD, SEQ2 and Noise are now on the market.

Erica Synths Pico Eurorack modules group shot

(L-R) The Pico BBD, SEQ2 and Noise Eurorack modules

Back at Superbooth 2019, Erica Synths launched nine small Eurorack modules collectively known as the Pico range. Three of those – the BBD, SEQ2 and Noise – are now officially on the market. Here are the details:


Erica Synths Pico SEQ2 Eurorack module

The SEQ2 is an all-analogue, four-step sequencer/waveshaper that comes with adjustable sequence length. This module can be used for stepped modulation or waveshaping, which mangles incoming audio sources.

Recommended retail price of €75.


Erica Synths Pico BBD Eurorack module

This all-analogue bucket brigade delay module is formulated around a 4092 stage BBD chip. Touted as the smallest BBD module you’ll find in Eurorack, the Pico BBD equips you with up to 300ms of delay time as well as a flanger effect. You can further sculpt its sounds with time and feedback controls.

Recommended retail price of €115.


Erica Synths Pico Noise Eurorack module

As its name suggests, this module is designed to produce a variety of noise and percussion sounds. Noise features three main sound-making components, including a white noise generator, resonant VCF and VCA/decay envelope generator combination.

The VCF is capable of shaping the noise ‘colour’, ranging extremely dark sounds to lighter, high-pitched resonant sweeps. The envelope generator combo, on the other hand, should satisfy your esoteric beat-making needs with emulations of hi-hats, cymbals and sine tone percussion.

Recommended retail price of €110.

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