BandLab Sounds’ Sample Editor makes browsing for free samples even easier

Audition, transpose, fade and change the tempo of a free sample before you put it into your project

BandLab Sounds

BandLab Sounds, home to free sample packs from MusicTech and artists such as N.W.A’s Arabian Prince, has a new feature for auditioning samples. Now, while browsing through samples on the platform, the Sample Editor can be used to manipulate sounds and find inspiration before you even click the download button.

The new feature negates the need to download a sample and edit in BandLab or another DAW before exporting it again. This could prove seriously useful if you’re looking for sounds to load into a sampler or DJ software. You might even find yourself experimenting with samples on BandLab Sounds and find inspiration from a sample you’ve manipulated.

Best of all, Sample Editor is simple and straightforward to use. Browse BandLab Sounds for some new samples and then click Edit Sample on the far right of the sample. Once you’re in, you can trim the sample, adjust its BPM, adjust its pitch, tweak attack and release, apply low- and high-pass filters and reverse the sample. See it in action below.

The Trim function can be used to turn a single sample, such as a drum break, into a collection of one-shot samples. By placing the start and stop positions at the desired region of the sample, you can tweak its parameters and then download as a one-shot.

There are over 10,000 free samples available on BandLab Sounds, with new additions on a regular basis. MusicTech has also teamed up with the service to offer its own library of sample packs to users, along with sounds from coveted artists.

Browse the free sample catalogue at, or hit the Free Samples button on the navigation bar at the top of this page.

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