Baby Audio’s Smooth Operator combines EQ, spectral compression and more for creative tone shaping

Baby Audio’s unassuming new plug-in hides intelligent spectral tools under the hood.

Baby Audio Smooth Operator

Image: Baby Audio

Baby Audio’s latest plug-in is positioned as an alternative to EQ, spectral compression and resonance suppression. Smooth Operator makes use of a smart algorithm and spectral tools to offer “creative tone shaping” for a more balanced mix.

Spectral tools are more often seen in audio repair tools such as iZotope’s RX series. In the case of Smooth Operator, Baby Audio uses the method to “resolve fatigued frequencies” in a more surgical manner.

“Our algorithm uses Fast Fourier Transform – or FFT – to break the incoming audio into tiny particles, which are analysed and processed separately, before being put back together again,” Baby Audio explained on its website.

Baby Audio claims the processed audio comes with clarity and smoothness, without harsh resonances or artefacts. It further added that Smooth Operator is a bit of an all-rounder, and will work well on vocal and instrument tracks, as well as entire mix busses.

Despite how advanced its features sound, Smooth Operator’s unassuming GUI looks more akin to a typical EQ plug-in. You get to choose three different colour schemes and adjust five frequency bands. There’s a Focus parameter that, at lower levels, applies the effect more broadly.

Watch Audio Tech TV give a run-through of the plug-in below:

Smooth Operator is available now at an intro price of $39 (usually $69).

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