You can now build your own TR-808 with DinSync’s RE-808 Rhythm Composer kit

The replica comes in celebration of 808 day

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DinSync has announced the RE-808 Rhythm Composer DIY kit, allowing you to build your own Roland TR-808 replica from scratch.

The RE-808 bundle comes as part of the company’s celebration of 808 day (8 August) and follows on from the RE-909 kit DinSync created last year for 909 day (9 September). According to DinSync, RE-808 is the result of taking a TR-808 apart and created a like-for-like replica. “Unlike any other 808 clone in the market”, the brand says, “we went a little further.”

In November 2020, DinSync performed a “digital decap” of the TR-808’s CPU, which allows a PIXI RE-CPU to run the raw TR-808 CPU code. According to DinSync, this goes beyond replicating analogue aspects, perfectly replicating the digital aspects and operating system.

DinSync RE-808
Image: DinSync

This means that Roland TR-808 owners can have their machine repaired for years to come, thanks to the Pixie RE-CPU eliminating the need for CPU and RAM chips. The tech also ensures that RE-808 users are receiving the original TR-808 code, operation and playback groove. “This is the genuine 808 for the 21st-century enthusiast”, DinSync claims.

The RE-808 is made from spare parts that are interchangeable with original TR-808 machines, so old machines can be revived, and new machines can be built.

DinSync has made the RE-808 surprisingly affordable, too, at a price of 4,200 Swedish Krona (£348 / $483), although you will need to purchase a Pixie RE-CPU or BA662 clone separately. Additionally, cases and side panels are available from Kumptronics.

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