Cyber Monday 2023: best deals on studio accessories

These are the ten best Black Friday deals on studio accessories, including mic stands, amp stands, reflection shields and boom arms.

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We all love our synths and guitars but there’s much more that goes into making an effective studio. From stands and shields to tuners, drum pads and headphone amps, there’s lots that can make your musical life easier by filling a gap. We’ve gathered together some of the best Cyber Monday deals on gear you might not have known you needed, but that will make a big difference to everything in your studio running smoothly.

So, whether you’ve been struggling to hook up all your players to the same headphone feed, been suffering from outside noise on your recordings or balancing your keyboard on a desk, read on to solve all those problems, and more!

Ten Cyber Monday deals on studio accessories, at a glance:

Save 11% on the tc electronic UniTune Clip Tuner

Staying in tune is vital for guitar and bass players and this compact tuner from tc electronic clips directly onto your instrument for convenience. Its bright and easy-to-read display is adaptive, meaning it can be viewed from any angle, and the tuner is accurate to within 0.02 cents, making it the perfect way to stay in tune whether you’re playing live or recording in the studio

Get 10% off the Korg Nanopad 2 USB Controller

Playing beats or melodies from your software instruments gets a whole lot easier with a USB controller like this compact model from Korg. It has 16 velocity sensitive pads as well as an XY touchpad that enables creative control of parameters and effects, integrating special scale and arpeggiator features to expand its toolset in a way that belies its small size. You also get a controller editor app for making deep-dive changes and storing your setups.

Save 14% on the Gator Frameworks Elite Guitar Amp Stand

Whether you’re playing live or relaxing in the studio, you need somewhere to securely store your guitar amp, waiting for the moment inspiration strikes. Mic’ing up guitar amps typically means angling them slightly upwards so they project sound more accurately and that’s what this slick amp stand can do, while also providing you with easier access to your amp’s various controls during a performance.

Get 10% off the Trumix TM-MRF-103 3 Panel Reflection Shield

Successful recording means isolating your sound, be it a vocal, guitar or other instrument, from the outside world. That’s the purpose of this reflection shield, a three-panel model with stand that you can use to create a zone of focused sound around your source. Not only that, it prevents reflections from nearby walls and other surfaces, for a cleaner take every time.

Black Friday and woman singing
Black Friday and woman singing. Credit: Getty / south_agency

Save $100 on the Allen and Heath ME-500 16-Channel Personal Mixer

Make bad monitor mixes a thing of the past by creating your own thanks to this compact and versatile personal monitor mixer. Perfect for keeping onstage sound levels under control and speeding up sound checks in a wide variety of live environments, the ME-500 is also a smart, cost-effective choice for foldback mixing in your studio. With helpful visual feedback, it’s designed for ease of use with plug and play simplicity.

Get 33% off the RockJam XX-363 Xfinity Doublebraced Keyboard Stand

Keyboard players everywhere know the importance of having a high quality and sturdy stand to keep your playing rock solid. This double-braced stand is designed to support even the heaviest stage keyboards but also has a quick release locking mechanism so it’s easy to put up and take down at a moment’s notice. Non-slip end caps add to the overall security and ensure you can be confident when banging the keys.

Save 10% on the Shure PGADRUMKIT6 Drum Microphone Kit

Recording live drums is a serious business so you’ll want some serious kit, like this six-mic collection from recording specialists Shure. Housed in a special carrying case, it contains mics specially designed for all your drums from kick and snare to toms and cymbals, together with cables and break-resistant microphone clips. Save the hassle of looking for lots of microphones by getting them ready-paired in this kit.

Get $30 off the Zoom ZHA-4 Handy 4-Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier

Getting a strong headphone signal in the studio that you can share with other musicians can be a real problem with some setups. Solve it with this compact, powered multi-output headphone amplifier that provides four separate, powered 1/8in headphone jacks each with its own volume and mute control. It’s ideal for podcasters or studio use and can be powered with batteries or via its USB-C port.

Save 36% on the Mackie DB-100 Boom Arm

Mackie DB-1000
Credit: Mackie

Podcasters and anyone recording voiceover for radio, TV or film need to invest in a serious boom arm to hold their microphones at a comfortable but convenient angle during recordings. With multiple hinges for better flexibility, this model from Macie comes with a clamp grip so it can be fitted to almost any desk or table with no damage, and easily moved at any time.

Get 10% off the TGI Mic Stand

Black Friday and woman singing
Black Friday and woman singing. Credit: Getty / south_agency

Mic stands are an indispensable part of any studio or recording setup so you’ll want a good one whether you’re singing, micing up amps or any number of other tasks. With multiple adjustable points to suit the height you need, this model has an extra wide tripod base making it even more stable and secure, and great for holding heavier microphones at an angle.

Not seeing what you’re looking for? These are just a few selections. You can check out loads more Cyber Monday offers at your own pace from the following retailers:

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