Best sample packs of the month: November 2022

We present a list of this month’s best sample finds, including found sound percussion, loops from the 60s and 70s, and some free vocal riffs.

Best Sample Packs November 2022

We’ve scoured the internet to select a handful of sample pack releases that have stood out this month. Our top picks for November include emotional pianos, live disco strings, club-ready techno drum hits, a unique take on the MKII electric piano, an exceptionally old synth and more.

If you get in quick, then you might even be able to snag some of these packs on a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal…

Frontline Producer – Piano Sentiments

Frontline Producer - Piano Sentiments

Whether you’re a songwriter in need of a backing track or composer looking for new inspiration, Frontline Producer’s pack of emotional and atmospheric piano phrases could be a fantastic resource for generating new ideas.

The full Piano Sentiments pack weighs in at 1.5GB with a total of 300 loops, which are split between 72, 100 and 128bpm. You get audio versions that were delicately recorded in Frontline Producer’s studios, plus MIDI versions, which help make this pack much more flexible. Its influences include Dustin O’Halloran, Jóhann Jóhannsson and Nils Frahm.

Loopmasters – 60s Psychedelia

Loopmasters - 60s Psychedelia

Despite being a prolific period of musical innovation, the sounds of the 60s seldom crop up in sample pack form. This new release from Loopmasters looks set to rectify that though, with a superb 818 MB collection of authentic loops from 70 to 150bpm.

60s Psychedlia takes its cues from pioneering acts such as The Doors, Steppenwolf and The Beatles, blended with the sounds of quirky spy and crime show soundtracks. There are 245 loops of drums, guitar, bass, keys, organ, percussion, sitar, mallets, strings, brass, and more, plus 158 drum and instrument one-shots, and 57 instrument phrases.

Organic Loops – Real Strings Presents – Disco Strings Vol3

Organic Loops - Real Strings Presents - Disco Strings Vol3

There’s nothing quite like the sound of real musicians playing real string phrases. Organic Loops is back with the third volume in its Disco Strings series, which includes 400 loops of emotional, melodic lines played on violin, viola and cello, all at 115bpm.

The pack boasts individual parts, plus ensemble loops, alongside 74 additional slides, trills, and tremolos with accompanying sampler patches. As a nice touch, you also get 303 MIDI loops, and a PDF with the notation for all parts.

Loopmasters – Authentic Vinyl Breaks

Loopmasters - Authentic Vinyl Breaks

If you’re hoping to create the big beat sound of acts like the Chemical Brothers, or even create more downtempo organic drums like DJ Shadow, this new pack of authentic sounding drum breaks has got you covered.

You’ll find 220 breaks and fills between 60 and 121bpm, plus 19 percussion, topline, hi-hat and crackle sound effect samples. All parts have been recorded and produced by Joshua Arrowsmith through a classic British mixing console, with plenty of analogue drive for additional character.

ModeAudio – Metalwork

ModeAudio - Metalwork

You have to work a lot harder to stand out these days, which is why augmenting your drums with found sounds can be a surefire way to make your productions unique.

The core of this collection from ModeAudio features 390 percussion samples, 15 curated drum kit patches, and 12 MIDI loops. It comes in a variety of DAW formats, each of which feature extra channel strip and project files. From jangling chains and clanging sledgehammers, to automatic saws and dropped metallic items, a wide range of audio sources were sampled. To make things easier to navigate, all the samples have been categorised into recognisable parts of a drum kit, so you can easily switch out sounds or start layering straight away.

SampleScience – Singing Bowl Renaissance

SampleScience - Singing Bowl Renaissance

Find your inner zen with this playable Singing Bowl instrument. SampleScience has restored a series of damaged singing bowl recordings using a mix of spectral repair, adaptive noise removal and manual retuning. The result is a deep and mellow collection of 20 singing bowl sounds that are perfect for meditation or new-age music.

It’s available as a VST/VST3/AU plug-in instrument, or in Decent Sampler and Kontakt 5/6 formats, with each version featuring slight variations on the controls and effects.

BandLab Sounds – Cassette Grime

BandLab Sounds - Cassette Grime

What’s better than a bunch of weighty grime samples? How about a bunch of weighty grime samples with added warmth and punch courtesy of analogue cassette processing?

This free pack from BandLab Sounds features 80 loops and 19 one-shots, which cover upfront beats, retro orchestral hits, big saturated subs and 808s, pitched down vocals, an array of useful sound effects and more. Each sample is infused with a touch of lo-fi grit and tape noise for added vibe and roundness.

Mind Flux – Ableton Techno Drum Racks

Mind Flux - Ableton Techno Drum Racks

  • £9.90 (requires Ableton Live 10 Suite or later)
  • Download Mind-Flux

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to spend hours experimenting with sounds to build the perfectly curated electronic drum kit? The techno masters at Mind Flux have cooked up a collection of 10 bespoke Ableton Drum Racks filled with club-ready techno sounds.

Mind Flux’s pack includes 79 kick, snare, hat, clap, cymbal and percussion hits, plus 10 MIDI clips. Each sample has been carefully selected and fine-tuned with an array of audio effects so you can focus on writing your next techno banger rather than drum sound design.

Heavyocity – Avant: Modern Keys

Heavyocity - Avant: Modern Keys

We’ve come across creatively abused acoustic pianos before, but not electric piano. Heavyocity’s latest instrument is a unique new take on the classic Mark II electric piano.

Avant: Modern Keys has 16 sampling articulations including bowed, twine, hammered, guitar pick and more, plus over 100 custom designed presets. You can use the flexible interface to layer, modulate and process up to three different sources at the same time. There’s also a powerful built-in arpeggiator, plus controllable pedal, key and mechanical noise for enhanced realism.

Spitfire Audio LABS – Electronic Antique

Spitfire Audio LABS - Electronic Antique

Let’s conclude with the latest in Spitfire Audio’s long-running LABS series. This time round, the team has sampled one of the world’s earliest synthesisers, the Ondioline, which was designed and patented by French inventor Georges Jenny in the early 1940s.

The raw recordings have been turned into a range of playable instruments with an off-kilter and playful sound. It comes as a dedicated plug-in and, of course, the best thing about the LABS series is that they’re all free.


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