Best sample packs of the month: July 2022

Here’s our round-up of the sample releases that caught our attention this month, including huge house sounds, emotive guitars and experimental percussion.

Best Sample Pack July 2022

We’ve scoured the internet to select a handful of sample pack releases that have stood out this month. Our top picks for July include raucous jungle, soulful male vocals, deep and chunky house cuts, vintage 60s drums and more.

Soundiron – Phonautograms

Soundiron - Phonautograms

Phonautograms takes one of the earliest human audio recordings ever made and turns it into a playable Kontakt instrument. A simple vocal scale sung by French inventor Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville was captured over 160 years ago on a Phonautogram and was recently decoded by a group called First Sounds using laser scanning equipment.

Soundiron has edited the results into a haunting playable instrument, and has taken it further by developing drum sounds and 31 ambience patches created from the source content. It includes a multi-layer user interface, a modular effects rack panel with 18 different effect modules and 10 available slots, plus 99 reverb impulses and 40 custom effects impulses.

UNDRGRND Sounds – Classic Deep House 3

UNDRGRND Sounds - Classic Deep House 3

UNDRGRND Sounds dishes up a third serving of its excellent Classic Deep House series, with a hypnotic blend of 90s beats and progressive elements from the early 00s scene.

Inspired by artists such as Francois K, Murk and K Hand, you’ll find plenty of old-school 4/4 drum machine beats, carefully crafted digital synth stabs, riffs and pads, and funky sub bass lines, all at 125bpm. It’s a massive collection, weighing in at 2.2 GB, with 753 loops and 574 one-shots, plus MIDI data for the melodic parts.

Loopmasters – DJ Trax – Atmospheric Jungle

Loopmasters - DJ Trax - Atmospheric Jungle

DJ Trax returns to Loopmasters for this new pack of thundering, atmospheric jungle beats and sounds. It includes audio from his personal sample vault dating back to 1991, combined with new samples to keep things fresh.

You can find 352 loops and 147 one-shots covering powerful live drum breaks, evocative pads, emotional melodics, shuddering basses and more. All loops are at a versatile 170 bpm, making this pack superb for creating jungle, drum and bass, liquid and neurofunk tracks.

Vital Vocals – Smooth Soul Acapellas

Vital Vocals - Smooth Soul Acapellas

High-quality male soul vocals can be hard to find, but this pack from Vital Vocals hits the spot, with four song kits full of full lead, harmony and adlibs stems, plus crowd and shout parts.

Inspired by legendary and contemporary vocalists such as Otis Redding, Aloe Blacc and John Legend, these full songs are sung in solo and group acapellas, with tempos ranging from 70 to 93 bpm. You can chop and change parts to create something fresh, making it perfect for adding character to hip hop, funk, jazz, drum and bass, house and more.

Frontline Producer – Cinematic Six String

Frontline Producer - Cinematic Six String

This pack of widescreen guitar loops was recorded by veteran guitarist, Aaron Hoey, who has worked extensively alongside songwriters such as Lewis Capaldi and Gary Barlow. Cinematic Six String contains 116 loops of electric and acoustic guitar across 17 construction kits, from 70 to 140 bpm.

A Stratocaster and Relish Jane were recorded through an analogue setup and the Kemper amplifier and processor to provide a versatile collection of delicate swells, rhythmic, muted power chords, and picked melodies drenched in reverb and delay. They can be layered or used individually to add drama and emotion to pop hits or cinematic compositions.

ModeAudio – Free Ambient Cassette Loops

ModeAudio - Free Ambient Cassette Loops

ModeAudio has become one of the premium resources for ambient samples. Its latest offering is a fantastic free pack of 11 music loops that include dusty synth chords, deep electric guitar drones, mellow strings and plenty of analogue noise.

All parts were processed through a vintage Yamaha MT4X multitrack cassette recorder to give them some lo-fi magic, and they are presented in Ableton Live 11 and Logic Pro X projects so you can get started working with them straight away.

Toolroom Academy – Shadow Child

Toolroom Academy - Shadow Child

  • Price: $9.99/mo, $13.99/mo, $29.99/mo subscription
  • Download: Splice

The latest release in the Toolroom Trademark Series comes from prolific UK producer Shadow Child, whose trademark chunky house sound has seen releases on Hot Creations, Super Rhythm Trax, Dirtybird and many more, alongside his own Food Music imprint.

His bass heavy tracks take influence from 90s club music, but fined tuned for modern dance floors. This pack, which is available on Splice, contains 227 loops and 149 one-shots, with additional analogue goodness courtesy of a Roland Jupiter-6, Juno-60, Moog Minimoog and Roland TR-808 and TR-909.

BandLab Sounds – Myles Jasnowski: Groovology Vol.1

BandLab Sounds - Myles Jasnowski: Groovology Vol.1

BandLab Sounds is an ever-growing resource for high-quality free samples, and this months top pick comes from guitarist Myles Jasnowski. Groovology Vol.1 was recorded in the iconic New Monkey Studios in LA, with Mike Avenaim on drums and Kristian Attard on Bass.

The 90 loops are essentially nine different jams, with each chopped into three 4- or 8-bar grooves for easy use in your DAW. The tempos range from 79 to 170 bpm, with a blend of chilled out riffs and more upbeat soul/funk grooves.

Spitfire Audio – Resonate Percussion Library

Spitfire Audio - Resonate Percussion Library

Spitfire teams up with celebrated percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie for a unique library that shines a light on the resonant aftershocks, rumbles and reverbs that tail away after the initial strike of a sound. It aims to bridge the gap between traditional and experimental scores with a barrel, a thundersheet, a water tank and timpani, paired, struck, stacked and bowed with many other co-resonating instruments.

There are over 45 different articulations, seven unique mic perspectives including contact mics and mics placed underwater, plus a Stretch feature and five individual effects chains for added character.

Toontrack – The Sixties EBX (EZbass)

Toontrack - The Sixties EBX (EZbass)

Toontrack has turned its attentions to the swinging sixties for its latest expansion for EZbass. It includes a meticulously captured violin-style electric bass from the early 1960s that has a characteristic tubby and dark thud to it’s sound.

You can choose between finger playing and palm muted using a pick, plus 10 different processing presets to give a wide spread of classic tones, with a range from D1 to E4. You also get a MIDI library of fundamental material inspired by the pioneering acts of the era, which you can slice and dice within the EZbass interface.