Talking Tech: What Never Fails To Inspire You?

Being an endless fountain of creativity isn’t a skill we all possess, yet each of us has something that never fails to inspire. Here are some of your go-to sources…

Leonardo Quintas: The 5 minutes technique, start doing something even if you are not in the mood, after 5 minutes you will probably have something going.

Benjamin Phillips: Gosh, what’s a creative slump? I’m constantly working on 3-4 or creative projects at a time – both sound and vision. Creativity is easy…so long as you turn off your mind, relax and float downstream. Basically, so long as you can turn off the inner dialogue…you will have access to an endless flow of creative ideas.

Steven Diedesch: Going to my day job. Whenever I’m working on something, wracking my brains to try to come up with ideas, all I have to do is remember I’m running 10 minutes late for work and suddenly my mind is overflowing with usable ideas. Unfortunately, spending 8 hours listening to the same nauseatingly repetitive commercial tracks coming from six different directions has a way of making me forget all of those ideas before I get home again.

Nic Bergen: Change your mindset from “I have to make a great song” to “let me just try something quickly”.

Christopher Lee: Beat making tutorials, I find those very helpful, and listening to some of my favourite producers and artists.

Jordan McDonald: Going on a hike and immersing myself in nature.

Eki Jokisalo: Go for a walk or just open a cool synth and play around with it aimlessly. Something always comes out of it.

Liam Murphy: Maybe not inspiration but listening to Hans Zimmer talk about music always motivates me to work on music.

Shaun Salter: Logging off Facebook.


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