IK Multimedia Synth Pro X

Everything you need to know about the IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro X

A result of extensive user feedback, the UNO Synth Pro X holds analogue power in a portable and affordable unit

Image: Simon Vinall

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What happens when a company actually listens to the feedback of its users? Ask IK Multimedia.

IK Multimedia’s affordable and portable analogue synth, the UNO Synth, was first launched in 2018. Since then, the UNO range has rapidly evolved, seeing the addition of a drum machine and improved takes on the original as the UNO Synth Pro. The latest evolution, the UNO Synth Pro X, launched in August 2023, and was the result of the Italian brand acting on user feedback, offering a better interface and more room for experimentation.

IK Multimedia Uno Synth Pro X
Image: Simon Vinall

Believe it or not, when the first UNO Synth was launched in 2018, it was IK’s first-ever taste of hardware synthesis, despite the Italian brand’s longstanding reputation for building reliable music gear.

What is the UNO Synth Pro X?

The UNO Synth Pro X is a paraphonic dual-filter analogue synthesizer centred around creativity, performance, and exploration. It addresses the limitations of its predecessor, the UNO Synth Pro, by prioritising hands-on control and a better user experience.

One new standout feature of the UNO Synth Pro X is its revamped user interface with a neat black and red colourway.

IK Multimedia Synth Pro X
Image: Simon Vinall

Sound-wise, the Pro X excels with three wave-morphing oscillators and dual filters featuring OTA-based multimode filters. It also has ten stereo effects to enrich the sonic range. There’s also a paraphonic 64-step sequencer and a 10-mode arpeggiator for diverse pattern creation.

Affordable and portable yet feature-rich, the Pro X caters to both intermediate and advanced users, offering a platform for sonic exploration. It’s designed for accessibility while providing depth, making it suitable for both newcomers and experienced musicians.

The redesigned interface focuses on providing faster and easier user control over its extensive programming capabilities.

Simply put, the Pro X is a powerhouse. It has ten built-in effects – two modulations, five delays, three reverbs available in three slots.

Featuring comprehensive CV/gate ins and outs, the Pro X seamlessly integrates with other studio gear and computers. Its companion plugin means you can manage your presets and control the synth remotely.

Connectivity-wise, there’s MIDI in/out, 6.3mm audio out with 3.5mm headphone; audio in (3.5mm) and 2 CV Gate ins and outs. It’s powered by USB and also has a PSU jack.

What have users said about UNO Synth Pro X?

The response from product reviewers and musicians has been pretty positive. After its release, YouTube creator and music producer BoBeats referred to the improvements on the synth’s interface, saying that the original “was a great synth but I sort of knew immediately that the physical UI and the colour scheme didn’t quite do it justice. I talked to IK about the expectations when you are a synth nerd and you have something that is this advanced – you don’t really see features like these on an analogue synth under $1,000. I tried to convey to them what I’m drawn to as a user.

“[IK] took a lot of the ideas from the original UNO Synth Pro and thought, ‘OK, we have to create something that has a look that’s equivalent to the power inside,” he said in his review. “I think the team figured out the balance between the complexity of the sound engine and an interface that is still accessible.

“On the original UNO Synth Pro, I found as a synth educator that you have all this power but only a few knobs to turn, and you’re going through lots of submenus, which can be difficult to demonstrate to users.”

MusicTech also checked out the synth just after its launch. In our review of the UNO Synth Pro X, we said, “For the price, the Pro X is an impressively powerful and cool-sounding synth that perfects the UNO Synth as a product, unlocking the potential of its versatile sound engine. If this is where IK and Soundmachines’ collaborations have led, we can’t wait to see where they go next.”

IK Multimedia’s UNO Synth Pro X costs $499. Find out more at IK Multimedia.


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