Chain processors into a “custom plug-in” with Waves’ enhanced StudioRack

Multiband processing racks let you assign plug-ins to individual EQ bands.

Waves StudioRack

Image: Waves

Waves has announced an enhanced edition of its plug-in chainer, StudioRack, adding all-new macro controls, as well as parallel-processing and multi-band processing capabilities.

StudioRack allows up to eight Waves V10 and V11 plug-ins to be chained in series or in parallel. It’s been designed to help music-makers think of processors as parts of a chain – as opposed to individual processes. This approach is referred to by Waves as creating “your own custom plug-ins”

Parallel processing racks are newly introduced to StudioRack, allowing audio to be split and sent from any point within a chain into a parallel mono, stereo and mid-side rack. Because you still maintain control over individual plug-ins’ parameters, this could make for a more organised way to handle complex processes, while saving insert slots.

Multiband processing racks are also a new implementation, allowing StudioRack to “turn any Waves plug-in into a multiband processor”. This could be used to build a multi-band compressor, by assigning a compressor to each of the four adjustable frequency bands.

For intuitive control of hosted plug-ins, newly added macro controls can be assigned to the parameters of any plug-in and manipulated through StudioRack’s UI.

Chains and their internal routing can be saved as presets to be carried over to a different DAW, or shared with fellow music-makers.

The question that remains is: can you load a StudioRack into another StudioRack?

See Waves’ detailed walkthrough for creating “custom plug-ins” in StudioRack below.

StudioRack is free and available on Windows and macOS. Learn more at

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