Korg’s next-gen Volca Sample lets you sample via app

The Krome Ex gets a limited-edition makeover, too.

Volca sample

The second generation of the Korg Volca Sample drum machine/sampler has arrived with more memory, features and connectivity. Korg has also released a limited-edition Krome EX sporting a unique copper finish.

Volca Sample

Although the new Volca Sample isn’t a total revamp of the original, some of the features of this second iteration will be welcomed by producers. This includes a microUSB connection for swift sample management via a computer, plus the ability to now control, sync and play it from any DAW. There are also newly added individual MIDI channels which will make it simpler to perform the Sample with an external keyboard or sequencer.

Korg’s proprietary Librarian software for Mac and PC allows you to manage and transfer your samples with ease. There is also compatibility with the dedicated app, AudioPocket manager for iOS, which lets you record new samples on-the-fly and instantly fire them over to the Volca Sample.

Volca sample

Two other features have been implemented to get more creative in your music making. The new Pattern Chain mode gives you two different Step Jump modes, while a Start Delay function lets you take your beats off-the-grid and apply an essence of swing.

Volca Sample’s memory has been expanded to 200 slots, which is double that of the original, and you can load in your own libraries or pre-made ones with 50 empty slots available. Korg says the new sound library comprising 150 sounds will “take your production to the next level, making it possible to make tracks on-the-fly that will fit every genre, including recent ones such as future bass, trap, lo-fi hip hop, and many others”. Pattern locations have been increased from 10 to 16, too.

Korg’s Volca Sample 2 will be available from September 2020 with a price tag of £159. See it in action here:

Krome EX Copper

Those who were considering buying a Krome EX but weren’t ready to pull the trigger might be enticed by the new limited-edition Copper finish. The brighter-looking synth carries the exact same specs as the original Krome EX 61-key synth.

Krome EX Copper

In our review of the original, we said “Krome EX packs in features that we would have only dreamt of a few years ago – the touch screen, the storage, the effects and massive polyphony are just a few examples – and really does let you produce complete tunes from one box”.

The Krome EX CU will be available this month for a price of £1049.

Find out more about the Volca Sample 2 and Krome EX CU at korg.com

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