Watch Point Blank’s in-depth overview of Pioneer DJ’s DDJ-1000SRT

The controller’s in-built jog wheel screens are a hit.

Pioneer DJ’s recently released DDJ-1000SRT has garnered attention with its array of tactile features and unique jog wheel screens. And to give you an idea of the Serato-compatible controller’s prowess, Point Blank has uploaded a video highlighting its key features.

The video features DJ Ravine and Ben Bristow, Point Blank’s DJ Module Leader, first getting to grips with the DDJ-1000SRT’s Beat Jump function. This feature lets you cycle through beats and phrases conveniently with just the push of a button. The pair then move on to discuss the controller’s Key Match function. When you’ve enabled the pitch and time plug-in within Serato, engaging this feature matches the keys of your tracks automatically.

Both presenters then look at the display screens built into the DDJ-1000SRT’s jog wheels. They toggle between the device’s hot cues to demonstrate how one screen can reflect changes in settings in a tactile way.

Watch the overview in full above.

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