This egg-shaped personal audio chair from Solodome boasts a “flawless acoustic environment equal to pro studios”

Enjoy 360-degree immersive audio as you cosy up in your furry personal dome.


Image: Solodome

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Let it be known that humanity has officially reached the peak of home audio with Solodome’s latest invention: an egg-shaped personal audio chair that offers its users a “flawless acoustic environment equal to pro studios”.

Custom-built in Southern California, Solodome is a personal media chair providing an ideal spatial audio experience without the inconvenience of installing speakers or sacrificing quality by relying on headphones alone.

As its name suggests, both the ‘solo’ and ‘dome’ aspect are key to the experience: The enclosed unit provides an individual media experience that does not encroach on others within the same space, while the dome-shaped furniture features 2 full range dynamic speakers and 2 subwoofers to optimise audio experiences for music, films, gaming and even wellness treatments.

In the words of the creators, Solodome is designed to leave no parallel surfaces for sound to create standing waves. Its natural sound-cancelling properties create a transparent environment that allows the listener to hear the properties of the source audio without the adultering effects of a room and individual speaker cabinets.

All you have to do is sit back, relax, and place your head in the “sweet spot” by the design of the headrest and seat cushions.

The chair’s cosy interior is also lined with durometer foam that dampens the speaker driver, allowing it to perform within its specifications while further diffusing reflective sound. You can feel free to turn things up, as the cave-like shape reduces the volume outside the chair by “more than 90 percent”.

By providing an enclosed acoustic space, Solodome users get a “full-spectrum visceral audio experience” exceeding a multi-speaker room set-up, all in a single unit that requires zero installation (connection is via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm audio jack) and just one power cable. Perfect for audio enthusiasts who lack the space or ability to dedicate an entire room.

Solodome Mini
Image: Solodome

Users can choose between three different sizes — the Solodome for personal listening, Solodome XL for those who want a little more wiggle room and the Solodome Mini for tiny listeners.

Order yours now at Solodome’s website.


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